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Dynamic Trader Version VI


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How do we get real time data in DT6 ?


As far as I'm aware it's basically the same deal as v5 (ASCII data) unless you have e-signal feed, then you can have realtime data.


However I'm no expert and if I'm wrong I look forward to learning from the good folks on here!!!!


Here's my questions, what's the big seller in v6 for intraday people? I know there there are some big differences in v6, but not really sure what they are.


Can someone enlighten me?



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managed to get the dual timeframe momentum alerts working via email, this is gonna save me so much time scanning charts during the day :-


sample alert message :-


Dynamic Trader Alert triggered :DT_USDCAD_M15

Your alert has been triggered at 18/06/2010 22:45:00.

"DT Dual Time Frame Momentum Alert"

Both 15M + 60M in same direction.


This is of course working from ascii data, not realtime feeds, but lets be honest who needs realtime feeds anyway? the ascii setup is pretty sweet.

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