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II VIP Membership - FREE upgrade for OLD and ACTIVE Members

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I want to reward IndoInvestasi members who have stayed with us for over five years with a FREE upgrade to a Lifetime  VIP account. Next month, there will be a huge announcement as we will launch something big, so make sure you are part of the VIP group.

Here are the benefits of VIP Accounts

  • Access PREMIUM earning opportunities
  • Add listings in the marketplace;
  • Earn affiliate commissions
  • Set a signature (img + links);
  • Get a green, bold username;
  • Get a premium Supporter badge;
  • Access to Private Insiders Group;
  • Enjoy an Ad-free experience;
  • You can email the admin anytime.

Cumulative Conditions You Should Meet:

  • You registered more than five years ago
  • Have more than 20 posts

If you do not meet 1st or 2nd conditions yet and want to be part of the select community, you can PM me, and I will analyze your situation.

Write here or PM me by May 10, and I will upgrade your account if conditions are met.

Questions? Let me know!

"He's nervous, but on the surface, he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin'"

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