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  1. Oh. I checked again and it's 62 pages. Yep the random pages got me fooled.
  2. What I downloaded was 293 pages. According to its contents, pages 294 onwards are the appendixes B to E which are missing.
  3. In the emulator program, there is a Telegram icon at the lower left corner. Click it and you will be directed to the Telegram channel. Download the BM History Downloader 4.1. Run it, register and validate via email, then login. In the program, you will be provided license keys for Motivewave and Bookmap. There is also a motivewave installation video that shows the steps. Hope that helps.
  4. Yes its working for me also.
  5. The crack instructions says that to enter the license key. Where is the license key? 1- install motivewave . 2- run emulator . 3- click on crack and patch . 4- DO NOT CLOSE EMULATOR . 5- run motivewave . 6- enter license . 7- change Cloud workspace to Local workspace .
  6. Unfortunately, could not install. Gave up
  7. I have the same problem where the rows of button shown in the picture by admin no longer appears. It was there in the beginning after the website was upgraded but disappeared after a week or so.
  8. Are you asking about eSignal Advanced Get? And not the standalone Advanced Get EOD. 10.6 is the legacy version
  9. Thank you. Unfortunately during install, it says couldn't register server and then aborted the installation. :Probably have to try again later.
  10. Hi Admin. Please kindly add me to the VIP list. Thank you.
  11. Would like to see how successful traders system and trading
  12. Try this TG link https://t.me/moneiac_course/1679
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