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  1. miscwin.dll need to install YLoader, so not able to install ..
  2. YOUR Downloaded metastock 18 is RT or EOD ? if it's RT , SHARE here, someone will try it..
  3. Dear @Puzzle , if you have latest ami v6.4 0r above pls share ... Tanks in advance
  4. still not able to get amibroker 6.4 or above.. very expensive??!!
  5. it's not pre cracked ,so we need to patch (exe maybe modified) and the patched exe support feeded licence , so we do it manually,
  6. S, it's cracked by license feed method,..original exe maybe modified..
  7. so please share v2.1 and any documentation to write ascii to ms format. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for sharing the good one, But unfortunately Microsoft blocked the file to run..
  9. Available in shadowy rooms not in public.. Someone shares here..
  10. Most of the brokers doing Non-ECN method, it leads to Dappa Trading..
  11. try to reinstall with admin rights and check the host file again and reg key. here 6.35.1 works without issues from last 4 years above. Hope you will run ami without issues.
  12. hi sir, pls eloberate the working procedure with files
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