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i find this indicator video on youtube but Not understand what name




can somebody help me?



You can contact BINARYTOOLS(the creator) at binary [email protected].

I don't know if he is selling the software,just ask him.

And make sure he will let you demo it before buying anything.

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HI buddies


SUch a "Dreamy" tool shouldn't simply be sold, if it is really SO POWERFUL, i don't understand and see why a supposed SMART inventor / developer would spend any time ( not even 1 second ) trying to sell it and lost some part of his EDGE...Pure NONSENSE !


I "see" him around his private beach with one or many sensual beauties in bikini ( or less ) , and his powerful PRO computer ( with reliable ethernet connection ) and a 60 " 4k monitor.......Well, my1 cent :)

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such b.s

any system that depend on moving averages or any oscillators is not going to be good or accurate no matter what.

It calculates the "PAST" of the last X bars ( usually 13 ) and assumes that the move will continue to the same direction.

The problem is that these systems are slow to react and respond to any change or direction so if the market is consolidating or just moving sideways this is where you will lose everything you made during the "Big" moves.


In my humble opinion there is no other way or system to use other than price action - meaning- watch where the market reacted - use fibs , support, resistance, trendlines and by watching WHERE the market reacted you "KNOW" where it will go- or at least assume so.


Dont waste your time lloking for a magic system or indicator because it cannot be, the market is alive and moves with its own pace, no one can tame it or control it, you can only follow it...



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