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Developing S/R Expert : Highly Profitable : 99 % Accuracy


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@Everyone around here:


I was the same guy like you all. I used to wander on forums, it used to be one stratergy and then some other and then some other and that hunt went on for quite a long time. But then I realized that start using your mind, see what the candles are doing. That's my secret. Just see what they're doing. If you're smart enough to catch this line, you're smart enough for anything. You need no fancy courses, nothing. Atmost, complete the babypips school; Absorb the knowledge and get your hands dirty.


That's the way it's going to work for you,




@a777: I had learnt it in chemistry, that the graph broadens when participating elements increase. Find a hint in this. :)


Hi Harsh,


You stated watching the CANDLES. Can you please tell me the time frame you consider to be useful. Can you give us some examples.


Also, if you still have the KICKER and the BARRY S/R then would it be possible to upload it again.


Are you working on something new that might be useful?





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I cannot speak for you, but i use the longer timeframes (H4 etc) to see the trend, I use the intermediate (H1 etc) to see S/R levels and I use the shortest timeframes (M15 etc) to take entries and executions.


If there is any programmer around here, send me a direct message. Get in touch, we can do some magic together.



Please Dont Forget the Kudos Coming! :-bd
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