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3 Minute E-Mini Trading System


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The System Has "Walked Its Talk"


Unlike most other sites that offer trading systems, the 3-Minute E-Mini Trading System™ has been validated based on what works, not some hyper-optimistic, pie in the sky, optimized, back-tested theoretical techniques.


The 3-Minute E-Mini Trading System™ is not the product of hours of optimization using some curve-fitting, back-testing process like most other system creators do. Backtesting is to real trading as fool's gold is to real gold. The only way to be sure a trading system works is to "forward-test" its trading signals in real time. That way you can be confident that the System does what it say it does. If The 3-Minute E-Mini Trading System™ didn't, nobody would buy it and this website would disappear. We started offering this System in 1998 ... and -- over 4,100 satisfied System owners later -- we're still here! We don't make our living selling this trading System -- we're active traders in the futures and options markets. What this means for you is that we're dedicated to continuously improving this System so you get the best and latest of what's working for us in the market.




I am curious to have a look at it. May be some members already have it here.


Shared by Kelvinhand, link below.
PM name of the WWE lady in my avatar n get a prize
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Re: [REQ] 3 Minute E-Mini Trading System




Don't be fool by the advertisement. It a manual hard work.



Excellent share, could be a another valuable addition to this forum. Thanks Kelvinhand for sharing. ^:)^


Since this has been found, I am removing the [REQ] from the post header.

PM name of the WWE lady in my avatar n get a prize
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