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What are Binary Options

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  • What are Binary Options

    Binary options are straightforward and effortless investment instruments that possess high return rates and are traded by new traders, expert traders and seasoned investors.

    A binary option is a fixed return investment that is predetermined at the contract onset, and can have only one of two Return On Investment (ROI) outcomes: in the Money and Out of the Money.

    The options trading concept is extremely simple to understand and use, and are a common and highly accessible trading tools.

    Binary options are available for trading 24/7, making it easy for anyone wishing to start trading in a simple manner.

    For making a Safe and Profitable binary trading career, traders can go with CTOption broker. CTOption is a leading binary options trading platform and investment brokerage firm, operating in over 90 countries around the world.

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    Guys just stop trying to con people into joining CT Options. Your random spams on new threads are old and frankly tiresome. I can see what you guys or prob one guy is trying to do. So stop spamming new threads like this. Total Rubbish


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      It is one of the finest business that I have ever since, if it’s done properly then can be the reason to make massive amount of money, but of course all this is far from easy. At the moment I am working with FMbinary.com broker where I get loads of benefits and advantage and this is all to do with their no commission or fees charging policy while they also have terrific payout which is 2-5% guaranteed, so that makes it even better.


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        Hey guys I would like to ask you about experience with binary options brokers? What should I consider when it comes to a broker choice? Spreads, regulation or something else? What feedback can you give about Optiontrade broker?