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[SCAM ALERT] Binary Options Bullet!

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Beware of this bot for Binary Options:




Before purchase I contacted the seller (Don) asking if, in case the software didn't work for me, I would get a refund. He replied that I would get my refund but he would have tried to see what the problem was before actually giving my money back. So, based on this commitment, I proceeded with the purchase.


I tested the software for around ten days in all possible conditions as per instructions (filters off, filters on, MT4 on during the T/F suggested) but all I got was a few alerts on Gold, two of which were re-issued to the opposite direction some time after being produced (which means OTM) and the others, one ITM and the other OTM.


Then I got a few on USDJPY that finished OTM. Same thing here, alerts re-issued to the opposite direction after being produced.


Even worse than BO Buddy! At least with that one I had quite a good number of ITM trades...before it went sideways.


In light on these poor results, I recontacted the seller asking for a refund and here's his reply:

(Note: the bot must perform as stated regardless of the broker used for trading)




Hi #####,


What do you mean it doesn't work as stated?


We claim that we provide 1-4 signals a day and we have done that all week long.


Are you using ALPARI UK?


There is no refund policy or money back guarantee for this software.


It is a lifetime membership. We will be around for a long time providing free updates, systems and more so you will get your money's worth out of Binary Options Bullet.


If you need help with anything just let us know and we are here for support 24/7.





Binary Options Bullet Staff





Just another con artist of which the Internet is packed!

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Just to let you know that ALL binary option trading is a total scam. NO one ever is profitable in it despite what they tell you. It is impossible to be successful with it and you should learn to trade normal forex. Only person making

money is the broker and that is an absolute fact.

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