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Add-in A-Tools : Query, Share Excel file on LAN, internet with multiple users

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  • Add-in A-Tools : Query, Share Excel file on LAN, internet with multiple users

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    Add-in A-Tools: Query, Share Excel file on LAN, internet with multiple users

    Add-in A-Tools allows sharing and managing Excel file on LAN, internet. Someone can open Excel file in server at the same time for editing and saving. Clients connect to server by TCP/IP protocol (not share full folder - Excel's way), server manage connections with restrict users, setting rights for each user group: read only, edit, limit how many people can open a worksheet,....,When data in spreadsheet is changed then other computers on LAN, internet are updated immediately (after about ~ 1 millisecond).

    How can I do with Add-in A-Tools?
    1) Share Excel files over the Network among users. Client connect to server by TCP/IP protocol, login with IP address, Domain
    2) Restrict Users to sheets, range address, workbook
    3) Restrict Users to edit only certain Cells in that sheet
    4) Restrict Users to print, copy sheet

    5) Some users can edit at the same time on sheet but can not clear or change data of others. User is leader can change data of users who in the same group.

    6) User have rights "Approve" can approve rows in sheet or all sheet so all users in network can not edit when rows, sheet have approved.

    7) Chat with other in Excel.
    8) Query data on sheet by execute SQL language. Connect to any database in your computer and link data to sheet. With function BS_SQL you can create professional.reports for high speed with large data in sheet, so very easy with draw and drop by mouse on SQL Builder.

    Add-in A-Tools can create dynamic reports by using the functions to query the database (DB) with T-SQL language. It also allowers users to connect to the internal and external database such as Excel, Access, Foxpro, MS SQL, MySQL and Firebird,... for instance. The "SQL Builder" helps users to create a query formula (with BS_SQL function) easily and efficiently. Users are able to create highly sophisticated worksheets which are filtered according to various conditions and associated with different data sources. In that way, accuracy, stability and high speed are ensured.

    Crack Intallation : The file "AddinATools.dll" has to be copied to c:\Windows\SysWOW64\AddinATools.dll if you have Windows x64 , and not sure in Windows x86 in system ( still untested under x86 )

    D/L Multi-Links:

    Password =
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    Hi Shenong,
    Thank you for sharing many useful information with everyone.
    Currently I am using A-To0ls 8.2 Add-in software.
    If possible, can you share a newer crack version of the A-To0ls software for me?!
    I thank you very much,
    Wish you good health.


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      this does not open so do not open
      mirror @c e.