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  1. Anybody tried to catch market moves with this broker after NFP or other major news? Does spread and slippage leave you some profit? How consistent are trading conditions?ร‚
  2. Do you also offer webinars in other languages like Malay? My friends have troubles with learning in english, the process could be much faster if it's taught in their local language.
  3. I think there is additional level of security and strict requirement to signal providers as no third party is involved in the service. Just my two cents.ร‚
  4. Waiting for Bitcoin to break it old records. It will certainly exceed its past values, just fears need to go away before Wall Street and all other world will believe in it.ร‚
  5. yeah maybe not on email but directly to trading platform? I think Hotforex has this option.ร‚
  6. I would like to know if anybody tried to play in Hotforex demo trading race? Tell me about your experience please
  7. How can I subscribe to your analysis via newsletter? Is it possible to set up through personal area?
  8. Yes members with any account can have access to those features. A very generous gesture from Hotforex, isn't it.
  9. I really don't believe nobody tried this broker? Guys I'm desperate for your feedback because I'm going to deposit serious money there.ร‚
  10. Thanks for letting us know, your webinars are really interesting and useful
  11. Anybody traded with this broker? What can you say about them?
  12. Does Hotforex offerร‚ demo platform for BTC trading?ร‚
  13. Is it available for only live accounts or demo too? My friend wanted to try this feature but he is still on demo training.ร‚
  14. Everyday there is a new name in forex industry and people are buying the same old trick and don't learn by their mistakes. I always advice rookies to test their feet with reputable brokers like Hotforex or Tickmill if you don't want somebody to hit you from the back when fighting with the market.ร‚
  15. Trade12 lost their license, the risk of your money getting trapped into a scam is too high. Better move to healthier and safer trading environment, for example on Tickmill or Hotforex
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