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  1. The Tradingview version was made available for free, if anyone is interested. Just give it a boost and a comment: https://www.tradingview.com/script/6J8kSoH8-The-Master-Pattern-Indicator/
  2. He made his whole mentorship available for free on YouTube, just check his channel's playlists.
  3. You know that a while ago I decided to go through the whole ICT mentorship on youtube, to have a "refresher" on SMC, and I realized how I completely skimmed over almost all of it when I watched it a couple of years ago (when it wasn't public yet). I had learned most of the SMC from the copycats, because I did not have the patience to go over every single ICT Mentorship video (you know how he likes to ramble on and on sometimes), and now I see how it was a big mistake learning from the copycats. They teach the stuff completely wrong, damn. The order block stuff, which swings to use, market structure break, etc.. They teach all completely wrong!! If you wanna study the SMC stuff, go straight to ICT. I think I even bashed him here at some point, gonna have to bite my tongue now. I took the time to watch his mentorship with patience and attention and there is a lot of stuff there that the copycats don't teach and that are very important for high probability trades, like doing the correlation analysis with USDX, Bonds market, the IPDA stuff, interest rate differentials with COT report, to name a few.
  4. @bulak I will reply your PM here: I could never make this Order Flow approach work in a consistent basis. You are wasting brainpower watching numbers that don't really help you, at least they didn't help me at all. Footrprint and DOM trading is insane stuff. I even dropped the volume analysis which I Was very into, I am trading using 100% price action nowadays using the forex master pattern approach and it's what has been working out for me.
  5. Hello there my people, does anyone have this Casper SMC private training? I have a buddy of mine asking for it, I figured I would find it here since all SMC stuff ends up here LOL. Apparently not this one (yet). If you guys know of any private GB going in telegram, someone reselling in telegram, let me know. https://www.youtube.com/@caspersmc/videos
  6. Hi there guys. I am getting into poker now too and the allegedly good courses are impossible to find, I thought it would be like the trading material stuff which is relatively easy to find, we can get the majority of trading courses and books if we dig deep enough. Poker training courses, like stuff from Run It Once, Carrot Corner and Upswing, I can't find anywhere. I wonder if there is another forum like this one (but for poker), or some "secret" torrent tracker with this stuff.
  7. I attended the webinar lol, but I left half way through, it was just a little sample of the deep practice sessions... We have seen that a gazillion times.
  8. Here, reuploaded at other two different places: https://www.transferxl.com/download/065y2BH5ntjYP https://we.tl/t-FpGyxN2dTQ But seriously, I skimmed through the course and it is trashy retail stuff. If you wanna waste time downloading this crap, do it and tell me what you think. It is great that this type of stuff gets shared so people don´t need to waste their money only to discover they´ve been scammed, those guys are frauds and only make the unsuspecting noob lose their hard earned money believing they can trade with this,
  9. LOL yeah? Why won´t you just try? I LMAO at those copycats claiming copyrights for stuff they copied from somebody else, and that somebody else copied from somebody else lol If you are a profitable trader, why are you trying so hard to sell courses? hehe I haven´t even downloaded this, but now I will just to reupload at several different places. By the way, you can´t copyright knowledge. It is Universal and not owned by anyone.
  10. He updated the course by the end of december to 3.0, it is not this one.
  11. Independent firms are also retail traders, they don´t push the market anywhere. When I say "they" I mean the real forces behind the markets. It makes perfect sense what I am talking about. Those guys know way ahead of time the contents of the news to be released, and quite frankly it doesn´t matter if the news is "good" or "bad", it is just an excuse for a huge push in the market to wherever they want. This way they can´t be held accountable for the fortunes that are lost in the markets.
  12. They don´t use fundamental data for trading, they use it as an excuse to manipulate/push price wherever they want...
  13. Those are indicators based on fundamental stuff... This whole course is about wasting a lot of time creating those indicators and keeping track of economic data which will have ZERO impact in your trading, in fact it will have a negative impact because you gonna waste so much time for nothing, in the end...
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