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Found 19 results

  1. EUR halted. Overview for 17.04.2024 The primary currency pair paused its sell-off on Wednesday. The current EURUSD exchange rate stands at 1.0624. The market has grown weary of selling, particularly as the five-month lows have been updated repeatedly. Monetary policymakers from the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank were quite active yesterday, but the market has already factored in all their comments in the quotes. Jerome Powell, Chair of the US Federal Reserve, stated yesterday that the regulator hopes to receive more confident data on inflation stabilisation in the future. Investors interpreted his remarks literally, concluding that the Fed is not ready to cut interest rates in June and is shifting forecasts to September. European Central Bank member Francois Villeroy de Galhau highlighted the ECB's ability to adjust the pace of interest rate cuts if the Middle East conflict has a long-term impact on energy prices. The ECB is expected to make its first interest rate cut after the June meeting. Inflation in the region is confidently heading towards 2%. Market participants expect to see three rate cuts by the end of 2024. While there is no contradiction between monetary policies, the market's reaction to Powell's remarks is evident: investors are adjusting their strategies in response to the absence of decisive action from the Fed on a global scale. Fundamental analysis for other instruments can be found in the section "Forex Forecasts and Analysis" on our website. Attention! Forecasts presented in this section only reflect the author’s private opinion and should not be considered as guidance for trading. RoboForex bears no responsibility for trading results based on trading recommendations described in these analytical reviews. Sincerely, The RoboForex Team
  2. I would suggest that to be main forum's topic/forum because it could cover forex, crypto, options, etc. And now it should be in some specific section, but the question and it's coverage is much broader. So, let anyone list proven and potential SCAM provider, such information is only of benefit to anyone.
  3. What do you think about AUD IDR exchange rates in the next few weeks or more? Should we sell AUD and buy IDR to gain profit or the other way around? As of today May 16 2024, AUD to IDR hits around IDR 10,663. I'm a beginner here, please share your views. Thanks.
  4. AZAforex ECN forex broker. The broker has been operating since 2016 for traders from all over the world. Regulation St Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA). TRADING PLATFORM Mobius Trader 7 for all devices: PC, Browser, iOS, Android, Linux Based on modern cluster technology with synchronization between all devices. One account for all trading accounts. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS • Non-Dealing Desk; • ECN trading instruments are available; • End-to-end trading without dealing; • Without interference from the broker; • Speed of order execution up to 0.01 seconds on real accounts; • Market execution of orders; • Without Re-quote; • No delays during news; • No freeze levels near the market price; • No restrictions at the Stop / Limit level; • Allowed placing orders within the spread: • Depth of market for cryptocurrency; • Scalping and hedging are allowed; • Independent currency exchange between accounts; • Reverse, locks and fixing of orders are allowed; • Partial closing of the order volume is possible; • Quotes from seven liquidity providers with access to the interbank market; • Trading advisors in javascript; • No FIFO rule; • Hedging is allowed; • Orders and trailing stops on the server-side; • Telephone dealing is available for closing orders on VIP accounts; • With protection against negative balance; • Allowed withdrawals if there is an open position; • The client can independently make transfers between his accounts. • Trading via FIX API is available; TRADING CONDITIONS • The minimum deposit is 1 USD; • PAMM account (you can become an account manager from 100 USD); • Leverage up to 1: 1000 (for accounts with a balance of up to 500 USD); • Leverage up to 1: 500 (for accounts with a balance of more than 500 USD); • Five-digit quotes; • Swap-Free (chosen by the client); • Spreads from 0.00001 points; • Floating spreads; • Minimum order volume 0.0001 standard lot or 10 USD; • No limit on order volume; • No limit on the total volume of orders; • No limit on the number of open orders; • Stop Out level 5%; • Margin Call from 10 to 100% (chosen by the client); • The minimum deposit is 0.02 USD. TRADING TOOLS • Forex - 48 • Forex ECN - 9 • Forex fixed spread - 13 • Precious metals - 5 • Energy carriers - 3 • Index CFDs - 6 • Stock CFDs - 27 • Cryptocurrency - 6 BINARY OPTIONS • Trading Tools - 109 • Min Spread - 0.00001 • Types - Chinese, American • Time Periods - 26 • Min Bet - 1 • Bet Step - 1 • Max Bet - 1000 • Commissions - 0 • Payout  170 % - 195 % BASE CURRENCIES USD, EUR, GBR, JPY, AUD, CAD, CHF, NZD, UAH, RUB, CNY, ILS, IDR, MYR, THB, VND. BASE CRYPTOCURRENCIES BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, LTC, XMR. TRADING ACCOUNTS • START minimum deposit from 1 USD; • PRO minimum deposit 2000 USD; • VIP minimum deposit 10000 USD. DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL • Deposits in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Tether,  are accepted in automatic mode, Monero and Ripple in manual mode; • Debit / Credit Cards; • Bank Transfer; • Perfect Money; • Any E-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, Advcash, etc.) through exchanges; • Payeer; • NIX-money; • FasaPay; • Capitalist; • Kuna. The company covers the commissions of payment systems for deposits from 100 USD, for cards from 300 USD in one transaction. CRYPTO BONUS The Crypto bonus of up to 25 % when depositing with cryptocurrency. Each time you deposit funds with cryptocurrency, you can use from 5 to 30,000 USD for trading. CD DEPOSIT BONUS Long-term investors will be able to appreciate the benefits of the CD bonus. You can withdraw from 200 up to 2000 USD. LOYALTY BONUS The Loyalty bonus will increase your investment by 120 %. Additional investments in your trading will help to fully reveal your potential by managing the funds. NON-DEPOSIT BONUS FOR ARTICLE Get a 10 USD no deposit bonus forex for each unique article about forex trading and investing. Be one of the authors and share your ideas, strategies and experience with other traders. REBATE AZA offer to return a part of trading expenses to you. Up to 30 % of the Spread or 50 USD for every 1M USD. STAY ANONYMOUS The client, if desired, can remain anonymous if he uses cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. I'm not lying around as a tax agent. All information about clients is confidential, regardless of the country of request. PARTNERSHIP Highest IB commissions up to 1000 USD per client *. Profitable trading recommendations and analytics: https://azaforex.com/trading-analysis/ Useful blog articles: https://azaforex.com/traders-blog/ CONTACTS Country of registration Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Website: https://azaforex.com Email: [email protected] Skype: azaforex.com Telegram: @azaforex Phone: +447723399001 (WhatsApp) Technical support 12/5.
  5. Â StartFX is one of the leading financial platforms that make use of sophisticated technology to make trading more easy and convenient. You have a choice between several financial instruments ranging from stocks, shares, commodities, indices, futures and cryptocurrencies. Choose the best one for you and start trading now! For more info:Â https://startfx.com/
  6. Make your entry with trading only with StartFX. We offer a great coverage of financial instruments like: Stocks, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Indices and Futures. StartFX uses trading platforms like the MetaTrader4, WebTrader, ZuluTrade and more! After opening a trading account, depending on the amount deposited as mentioned in the terms and conditions, you are eligible for a gift from Apple. $/€5,000 – iwatch Series 3 $/€10,000 – iPhone 8 $/€20,000 – MacBook Air For further information check out: https://startfx.com/promotions/ Start Trading and reap the benefits!
  7. In this article, we will summarize the 8 most common beginner mistakes in the forex market and how you can avoid them. Most traders learn from their own mistakes over many years in the markets. However, many of them will admit that had they known about these before they started trading, it would have saved them a lot of money. Still, some rules are so difficult to follow that it seems the only way to learn the lesson is to make the mistakes yourself first. Whether this is the case for you or not, here are 8 typical beginner forex mistakes that hopefully can make your trading journey less painful. 1. Let a short-term trade become a long-term investment. This is something we often hear about, maybe more so from stock traders than forex traders, but it is nonetheless important to take note of. The trade you took didn't turn out exactly as planned, and to make yourself feel better you instead changed your perspective rather than admitting the loss. Admitting that you were wrong sometimes hurts your self-esteem, and it therefore feels better to hold on to your position while telling yourself that it will probably come right back next week…or even next month. Is this a good idea? NO! If the conditions for taking the trade in the first place are no longer present, you should get rid of your position as soon as possible and move on. There is no guarantee that your trade will come back in the future. 2. Use automatic stop-loss. Forex educators and experienced traders always talk about using stop-loss in your trading. An automatic stop-loss order simply sends your order to the market if the price of whatever asset you are trading hits a predefined level. This sounds like a good idea in theory, because it is supposed to keep you safe and lower your risk in trading. However, it’s not always as good of an idea as you might think. There can be sharp fluctuations in a currency pair within a single day, and what you will often see is the price dropping down to your stop-loss level before it shoots right back up. Instead, check the price at the close of each candle. In other words, if you trade on the 1-hour chart, you check the price after each 1-hour candlestick has closed. If you trade on the daily chart, you check the price at the end of each day. If the price then has crossed your predefined mental stop-loss level, get out of the position. This way, you remain consistent about when and how your trading decisions are made. 3. Watch the news. Well, watching some news is fine, but you should be very aware of how it impacts your decision-making. Unexpected news like Trump’s victory and Brexit tends to shake the forex markets, but it is almost impossible to trade these events for retail traders. When something unexpected happens, robots are the first to take action. Next, the professionals who may get the news faster than you place their trades, before the news finally reaches the millions of retail forex traders around the world. Therefore, instead of following the news, follow how the market is reacting to the news. 4. Get too greedy. If you have set a target price for your trade, let's say a typical resistance level where you were planning to take your profit, make sure you do just that instead of holding on to your position in the hopes that it will continue with the strong momentum. Stick to your plan! The same applies if you are tempted to take profit because you see that you are up a few grand, but still below your predefined target. Do not focus on the money; focus on executing your plan. 5. Get too scared. Lots of traders like to check news sites constantly in addition to reading discussions on various forums. It’s easy for these traders to get scared when they read negative news or opinions about the positions they are holding. Again, follow what the market is doing – the market is always right. 6. Focusing too much on not losing money. Yes, it happens. You can actually lose money on a trade. In fact, your position may take a dip before it goes back up. Visualize how much you would allow your position to move into the red before selling it. If the currency you are trading goes down to test the support once again, by how much will you be in the red then before you sell? Always keep an idea of this in your mind to avoid selling at the bottom. 7. Buying and selling without a plan. Buying and selling without any forex trading strategies, plan, or any system is the same as trading with your gut feel. It may score you a win when you are lucky, but over the long term it will lead to guaranteed failure in the forex market. Learn what works. Trade for a while just to learn how the markets work. Also, make sure to keep a detailed trading journal of everything you do so you can learn what works and what doesn't over time with real-world experience. 8. Not investing enough time. The more time you spend on studies, jobs, research, or whatever it may be, the better you get at it. The same applies to trading. The market pays you for the time you spend on trying to understand it and educate yourself. There are no shortcuts to easy money in forex trading – hard work is the only way.  About the author: Fredrik Vold is an entrepreneur, financial writer, and technical analysis enthusiast. He has been working and traveling in Asia for several years, and is currently based out of Beijing, China. He mainly follows the stock and forex markets, and is currently supporting Learn to Trade forex training services
  8. AMarkets Philosophy We believe that profitability of a trader can be determined solely by his trading decisions. The mission of the broker is to provide supportive environment for any trader's plan realization. 4 Reasons to choose AMarkets and stay with us for years to come Client’s success is our main priority. Raising trading standards while bringing the costs down. Trade any money, any style, anytime. Stay focused on your trading. We will take care of the rest.  General conditions - Minimal spread of 0 pips - Leverage up to 1:500 - Minimal lot size of 0.01 - Floating Spread / Fixed spread - Instant execution / Market execution - 4th and 5th decimal price quotes - Level II Quotes and OneClickTrading - Expert advisors trading is enabled  Trading Terms and Conditions   You can learn more about the terms of forex trade folowing this link Description of our program «account levels» can be found here Link for opening a real account  We also offer the largest collection of trading robots with the profitability of 20% (you will have them free of charge), a lot of analysts to help you understand marketing strategies, individual support and cool bonuses for active trading! www.amarkets.com
  9. Trading forex can be a challenging business. Despite what you may have heard, it is not easy making a living at it and 95 percent of people who try end up losing the money in their accounts within six months. However, that's not to say it's impossible to do; with the recent advances in software technology and with all of the trading services that are now available, making a living by trading forex has gotten much easier.
  10. ForexMart Review ForexMart is a forex broker with a lot of advantages like : 2 types trading account - Standart dan Zero Spreads Fixed Spreads Starts from 2 pips - No Commissions Minimum Deposit $1 Leverage up to 1:5000 No Trading Strategies Restrictions - News Trading, Scalping, Hedging, EA- 30 % Deposit Bonus - Can be used to increase margin Multiple Trading Instruments - Forex, Exotic Forex , Spot Metal, CFD Shares, Bitcoin dan Ruble Free Swap Profitable Partnership Scheme - Friend Refferer, Webmaster, Online Partner, Local Online Partner, Local Office Partner, dan CPA No Requote- Fast Executions- Popular Trading Platform- MetaTrader 4 - Multiple deposit-withdrawal methodes - Bank Transfer, Visa dan Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayCo, Paypal, Qiwi, MegaTransfer, dan Paxum Regulated by CySec - Â licence number 266/15 Best Regards ForexMart Facebook.com/Forexmart
  11. what is the minimum amount needed to trade in gold in forex-metal broker? it is very much important to know to me.i want to trade in gold but my capital is low..i want to know how much capital is needed minimum to trade i gold as well as what is the best leverage for that amount.suppose if my capital is 500$ then what leverage i choose in case of glod trading in forex-metal.
  12. I do not have much capital. as i'm a student & willing to earn convenience i'm posting comments. i'm practicing on demo please someone inform me on which capital should i start with.
  13. From my personal experienced in trading with Instaforex I can say that this is the only broker that can be trusted. If there is, still they can't beat Instaforex like in their promotion and campaigns, bonus and contests and to their fantastic trading services. Instaforex is very generous and an honest broker, also they know how to value their customer to remain trading with them. What is your opinion guys? Are you agree with me?
  14. Good afternoon! In this thread you are free to ask all sorts of questions regarding our services. A few words about the Company. HY Markets is a part of global diversified conglomerate with business in financial services, property, education, and charity spanning 3 continents and 20 countries world-wide. It is a leading global corporation with over 30 years financial experience. Henyep Group companies are registered and authorized in world-leading jurisdictions including London, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. This provides clients with the comfort and security of a global institution.  We are specialising in online trading and investment across all international capital markets: Forex Oil/Gas Metals Commodities Indexes Stocks As a HYMarkets client you’ll benefit from our excellence in meeting rigorous regulatory requirements to put you first. FCA Regulated MiFID Compliant More details can be found on our official website: http://www.hymarkets.com Â
  15. I do believe Forex is an excellent profitable business, do you consider my personal comment is right??
  16. Now-a-days 1000 of brokers available all over india. What is the benefit of a broker? WHo can be a broker?
  17. Hello dear user, i am a new Forex user and i want to know that, Which day of the week is the best for trading? please help me and i hope your answer will help me to trade.
  18. If you want to become in the forex trading then you need to focus and be master in following points -1) Trading System 2) Trading system 3) Money management
  19. How is your trading going on? I would like to draw your attention to our online brokerage services and spreads. Why EStocks? • Best of Market spreads from 0.3 pips • 1 account multiply platforms • Over 240 tradable instruments • Instant execution with no delay • Flexible leverage up to 1:400 • Instant funding and withdrawal. • Trade Forex, CFD’s, Commodities and Indicies Bonus Program: - At opening a new account +30% trading bonus! Probably you will find that our products are very competitive. To grab your bonus all you have to do is to open a live account
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