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Took a little tome to measure retracement on SPX from 2000, 2008, 2020 and some minor retracements (or not so), according to AGET on weekly we´re, still, on a wave 4 channels blue and green were broke so making new highs on the near term is unlikely. Ellipse study shows 3700 as a probable medium term stop and there I think we should see a wave counts relabeled to a 5 wave move. I dont think we should see a 50% retracement to 2370 but a 30% ´d leave us on the 3300 range not

too far away.

If anyone got another point of view ´d like to read it.





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S&P at 3500 on a few weeks, imho


Count relabeled from wave 4 up to 3 down on weekly.

Daily, the oscillator is making a divergence but 5th waves tend to end in a five sequence moves so to reach the bottom we need to make downward move to make de 5 wave move of the 5th wave down.

I hope 3500 holds.







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