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Dlpal dq s

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one year ago Michael Harris offered a two week demo test for his Software DLPAL DQ and DLPAL S.


Has anybody saved these .exe files and can share it?


(I ******ly didn´t do it :-( )


The actual demo doesn´t show the generated pattern code. (http://www.priceactionlab.com/Blog/price-acton-lab-software-demo/)


The demo from one year ago did!


Thanks in Advance



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It's a pattern recognition software?


Yes but not only that - it recognizes patterns, makes strategies and systems and does code for Ami NT7 and TS. The best of its kind. I run 7 instances of version S in AMD multi core with 4H stock data and it finds goodies I then trade. I use version DQ with EOD Aussie Thai and US stocks. That's some powerful engine there. Cool stuff. It took abt 4 months to figure best use.

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Does anyone get Results, I have been trying with various settings, it shows some short and long entries, PF more than 1.5%, % of profitable trades, etc while going on, and after completing, No Results window comes up. Ran 3 times for nearly 14hrs each but no results.


Did anyone get results which can be stored and the code generated?

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I think the developer has put a silent expiry in the program based on the last date found in your input data. Try adjusting your input data ie deduct 10 years from every date and re-run.


Yes, I remember I run across this when I got an educated version before I purchased license. Not only silent date but scrambles the code based on some rules so it is useless and gives bad results.

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