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Tradestation 8.7 Build 3085 + Owndata 2.7


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Maybe it's my browser then. The bottom left hand corner just has a 'Reputation" & 'Report Post" button????


That is your post, you can't thank yourself :) Just go to other members post and you can see the Thanks button which is the first button beside "Reputation" & "Report Post"


If you still can't see it ... then you probably need a pair of glasses lol

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What exactly this set of software bring in?


Not too sure if I understand your question ? The Tradestation software or the Owndata ?


Tradestation is a trading platform




With Owndata you can get free forex data feed , but you will need a few more software.

You can find out more from this post.



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I saw on another board there was a crack out for TS 8.8 now. They were calling it Owndata 2.8 but don't know anyone who is using it


I don't think Owndata 2.8 exist as I have never seen it before. I know Owndata 3.0 will be released soon




But there's a patch around that can make you use TS 8.8 offline


From TS support :


The latest version of OwnData is 2.7, which was tested to be fully

compatible with TS 8.6. Users also report that it works with TS 8.7, but we

have not tested that and we do not guarantee compatibility.


In September we estimate OwnData 3.0 will come out, which will be compatible

with the latest TradeStation version. Please feel free to contact me with

any questions.

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I am trying to get this version of Tradestation and Owndata to work in Windows 7 64-bit under XP Mode with the Free Real Time Data Feed from Forexite. I can get version 8.2 and Owndata 2.5 to work but not this version with the Free Real Time Data Feed from Forexite. Has anyone got this to work, and if so, could you please provide instructions? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Hi, guys,


trying to run OwnDataRegistrator.exe i get this error:



How can I crack OwnData 2.7


Hello Guys,

I could not install tradestation and owndata. In tradestation rar file. misc.dat file is missing and although tradestation installed but i could not open any chart.

And when i tried to install owndata, I am also facing the same problem.

Can someone plz guide and reupload latest working files ?

Thanks in advance

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