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  1. Do you have a link for reference?
  2. I think bitcoin should be use for trading or to hold as an investment. Better if we can deposit = our main currency.
  3. I agree Binance is the best crypto trading platform so far. Coinbase could be another option for America traders but Binance is dominating all over the world, it's also reliable to trade with it.
  4. You can hold crypto, it's invulnerable at the moment. Don't trade, just buy all fund you have with Bitcoin.
  5. Does this broker offer any contest/bonus/cashback program?
  6. As I told you guys, USD is getting stronger than ever.Â
  7. COVID era has almost gone away, we can expect USD getting stronger back.
  8. Anyone experience with MT5 practically? I need review before going to new platform.
  9. This broker held many English webinar (with translators) in many countries in the world, with bonus and tshirt-hat gifts. I am looking forward to participate another time this year.
  10. What is the most expensive gadget? all are random or winner could choose what he wants?
  11. I thought so, this broker exists for a long time (maybe 10 years) but not much more popular, there must be a reason behind this.
  12. Which payment methods is this broker supporting?
  13. Bitcoin is now 10k, could it get back to 19k?
  14. How is this service different with other signal services as MQL5 or Zulutrade?
  15. Anyone know a good bitcoin PAMM trading in hotforex?
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