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    ForexAutoMoney SCAM WARNING!!


    Just so everyone knows, I checked out the website [spoiler:2230fbrn][email protected][/spoiler:2230fbrn] . It is definitely a SCAM. This is the chat that I had with them while trying to decide if they were a SCAM.

    Fiona: Hello! Welcome to F0rex

    Aut0m0ney. Are you an existing

    member or thinking about signing up

    for a membership?

    you: Hi , I submitted info request.

    This is the response that i


    you: Please come to

    [spoiler:2230fbrn][email protected][/spoiler:2230fbrn] and chat

    with us to know answers of all of

    your questions instantly and we may

    also have some discounts for you.

    you: These are my questions: On

    your site it says the signals made

    $400,000,000 trading profit last

    year. What does that mean? Please

    send me the last weeks intraday

    signals. If I take all intraday

    signals what is the Net Per Trade

    (averaging wins and losses

    together)? Is the win rate 70%? Is

    the Profit Target always Bigger

    than the Stop Loss? What is the

    average adverse excursion(means how

    much does the average trade go

    against you...before turning around

    for profit)? When you say 70% win

    rate, does that mean 70% of the

    time it went "ALL the way" to the

    Profit Target, or just went

    positive at some point? Do you

    still offer the 1/2 off deal of $50

    per month?

    Fiona: please ask one question at a


    you: On your site it says the

    signals made $400,000,000 trading

    profit last year. What does that


    Fiona: profit the total earning is

    46,205 .20

    Fiona: Be realistic.

    Fiona: here did you get those


    you: On your website.

    [spoiler:2230fbrn][email protected][/spoiler:2230fbrn]

    Fiona: Please check it again

    Fiona: it is $46, 205 not


    you: I am looking at it right now.

    It says "Use the system which made

    $400,000,000 Trading Profit last


    Fiona: that is Forex market

    you: 46,205.20 is what it says was

    10 days profit.

    Fiona: The Foreign Exchange market,

    also referred to as the "Forex" is

    the largest financial market in the

    world, with a volume of about $2

    trillion a day. It also trade 24


    Fiona: yes, it is

    you: I know that, but your website

    is claiming that the system made

    400 Million Dollars last year. Are

    you saying that is not correct?

    Fiona: $400 million of trading

    profit in 2008 is a great summary

    of what we do.

    Fiona: it was total earning of all

    the member

    Fiona: remember we have over a

    million member

    you: Then each member only averaged

    $400 dollars for the whole year.

    That could not be true.

    you: Nobody would pay $1200 for the

    year to only make $400 for the


    Fiona: yes

    you: Yes, people would pay $1200 to

    make $400. To quote


    Fiona: ok

    Fiona: Is there anything else I may

    help you with today?

    you: No, because I am looking for

    an honest company to do business

    with. Since you LIE....your

    company must be a SCAM. I will

    look elsewhere. Thank You for

    talking me out of using your

    service. Bye.

    Be Forewarned. Do not waste your time or your money with this service. Since they do not answer simple questions honestly I would not trust them or their signals.


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    Re: ForexAutoMoney SCAM WARNING!!

    i wonder why are they still doing so well, look at the google ads they are paying . they must have earn tonnes from scamming and yet no one can stop them. they are a faceless scam / con artist that prey on the those needy people of course greedy people too. but imagine you are in a bad financial shape and you see an ad like this who will not easily be taken in?

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    Re: ForexAutoMoney SCAM WARNING!!

    I would be willing to bet that they do not have any repeat customers. People probably get suckered in for the 1st month $100 + $5 for trial, then leave them. The SCAM on the trial is they tell you that they give you either a 3 day or 5 day trial. If you do not cancel at least 24 hours before end of trial, then you automatically re-up for the month.


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    Re: ForexAutoMoney SCAM WARNING!!

    The scams artists or better said "snake oil vendors" are everywhere. I have some really good experiences with these kinds. Day in , Day out so many people come and want to become the next Soros and would not stop at anything to do it .

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