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    The Science of Getting Rich

    Did u know there was a Science to getting Rich? A LAW that even the universe must pay homage to? A Law of Success that is governed by a Science and dictated by the general rule of cause and effect?

    By living in accordance with the positive principles outlined in this book and applying the rules that dictate the laws of Success and Abundance by acting and thinking a "Certain Way" will eliminate the "greed" and "fear" emotions out of your trading system.

    Written in 1910 the Author Wallace D.Wattles has outlined the fact that not only is there a Science behind gravity and physics but there is also an EXACT science behind getting rich! Rules that apply even to this Day!

    This book has been kept from the public eye since 1910 and now it's 2011! so you do the math. btw Kudos Please ~Atlas

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    Good source and really appreciative

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