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  1. Anyone having curated Pattern Explorer version 6.60 or past edition with medicine that could work with AB 6.3
  2. thanks @epajfl00 for making the setup available atleast, especially of 64 bit. Let someone come forward to cure it. @mafiaonmove @rooster1 and few other silent talents could help up us to get the solution
  3. Tried Optuma 1.6 but same DATA Access Error violation while creating form, as reported by most members here. Earlier, I had installed 1.6 over MA 8 and it was working with same set of files, but somewhere folder \ data folder path mismatches and till date unable to make out, what to do to make it run
  4. I had Optuma 1.6 and it was working in Win10 64 bit machine, but post PC crash, I retried but it is not working. Over time, those 1.6 files are also lost, so not having anything as of date. Just now, while writing, I have taken what @Puzzle has shared
  5. I had once working version of 1.6 but post PC crash, I can not make it version 1.6 , have no clue what's going wrong.
  6. alternatively one can try Bulls Eye Broker 4 cured by Mafiaonmove, many years back Check this https://www.4shared.com/get/xPl1KDPt/BullsEyeBroker4.html this i believe has date extension method this link has no cure from mafiaonmove (Mafia had given Keys)
  7. Since their establishment till date, publisher should have billions from trade, or few million , selling the course ?
  8. YEs, It is 62 Pages sample book only, even I got misdirected. What appears at bottom as 293 pages are random pages and not sequential. My bad.
  9. Volume 1 https://pdfcoffee.com/sb477bennettlaw-patternspdfpdf-pdf-free.html
  10. Difficult to maintain, unless one trades in select few, right!
  11. Can someone authenticate, if this is working files for 6.35.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/z7sz350yc6d3ke3/Amibr0ker_6.35.zip/file I have not tested this and want someone to confirm. Earlier, i requested in a similar thread and received only AFL collection only. 🙂
  12. 200+mb SIZE AND only AFL Collection !!!
  13. Can you share any workable stable solution of amibroker please
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