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Tier1FX - All Scalping EA's and Methods are Welcome


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Dear Traders,


You are very welcome to try your extreme and news scalping EA's and manual scalping at https://tier1fx.bm (https://tier1fx.bm/)

For all of your questions the answer is: Yes Tier1Fx allows full freedom for any kind of scalping methods.


100% STP,DMA,ECN, Spreads from 0.1 and lowest in market in News Volatility Market, 0 Slippage from the broker,

no dealing interventions, no requotes and fair commission cost (2.5 USD per side for 1 standard lot)


Simply, the conditions are 100% same as for the Big Institutional Traders.


Please do not hesitate to ask, replay and communicate with me in this topic.


Honest wishes for Profits.







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Can you post a link to the fibonacci grid ebook . I'm interested to take a look and review....






PS: no need got it now. thanks


Hi dear mateyboy,


As i wrote the e-book i will be happy to help you

about the fibonacci settings from the book.


Best regards,



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When I check the prime liquidity scheme, 4 banks are providing the liquidity: https://tier1fx.bm/t1-international/why-tier1fx/prime-liquidity/


I am always wondering if they do share the clients markets positions and limit orders to their traders desk....


Do these liquidity provider see all the stops placed by all the clients from all the brokers they work with ?


This would be such a massive corruption.

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