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EMA notifier EA wanted - programmer needed - simple - Merry Christmas


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Hello guys,

maybe you could help me.. or hopefully!

I trade on the m5 timeframe mainly and switch to the higher ones to determ the trend, mostly with EMAs.

I need to switch to the higher timeframes the whole time and sit at the screen the whole time.

So maybe you could help me with that.

I search for an EA that sents out a notification when the price hits one of the EMA´s.

In the best case the EA could do the following:


1. Sent a notification when price hits one of the EMA´s (20 purple - 50 white - 200 blue)

2. Sents a notification when price hits one of the EMA´s on higher timeframes (M15 M30 H1 H4) without having them open (only m5 timeframe open)

--> at 1+2 the notification should include the timeframe and which EMA was hit

3. An option to turn on / off --> draw a horizontal line on the m5 timeframe at the point of EMA (20 purple one) over M15 M30 H1 H4 timeframe ( so the EA should look at the m15 m30 h1 h4 Chart where the EMA (20) is and draw a line at it on the m5.. best case would be if the lines have different colours or are named like their tf or something like that)

4. option to turn on / off --> EA opens a trade Long / Short (i could decide in advance) if the price hits the 20 / 50 / 200 EMA ( i could decide) with a sl i could determin and the option to set BE after x pips in profit


I would love if somebody could build me that..lets say as a christmas gift :D

I would really love that !

If necessary i could pay a bit but as a student i don´t really have much so i would appreciate all free help for me and the community!

You could also write me a pm when you want!

Marry christmas and happy holiday weeks for you all guys!

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