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request for All george baye rbooks

Shenong and others

could you please upload all george bayer on mediafire or zippyshare as all links are dead



Bayer - A Complete Course in Astrology.pdf

Bayer - Turning Astrology to Practical Use.pdf

Bayer, G.(1935)_Financial Forecast [2 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1935)_Pre-Previews [66 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1936)_Do Sunspots control Business [1 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1936-38)_A Treasure House of Bayer [78 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1937)_A Complete Course in Astrology [transcript, WITS; 47 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1937)_Bible Interpretation [24 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1937)_Complete Course of Astrology [23 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1937)_Time Factors in the Stock Market [41 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1939)_Relationship between Hebrew Letters and Wheat Movements [136 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1940)_Stock and Commodity Traders' Hand-Book of Trend Determination [66 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1940)_Stock and Commodity Traders' Hand-Book of Trend Determination.pdf

Bayer, G.(1941)_Gold Nuggets for Stock & Commodity Traders [36 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1942)_Egg of Columbus [19 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1945)_Turning 400 Years of Astrology to Practical Use [194 p.].pdf

Bayer, G.(1946)_George Wollsten - Expert Grain Trader [247 p.].pdf

Bayer, George - Financial forecasts.pdf

Bayer, George - Preview of Markets.pdf

Bayer, George - Scientific Stock Forecasting.pdf

Bayer, George - September 1935.pdf

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