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This is all you need to become a trader in metatrader

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Hello guys


Here IS my system to become a winner .

More detail in the next few days.


http://www.2shared.com/file/sII9-9xF/system.html (indicators)



http://www.2shared.com/file/N_opfvmr/system.html (template)


http://screencast.com/t/k91jg9mA (picture)


http://screencast.com/t/rLwTFsc0n (indicators list)


http://screencast.com/t/ufHcTnm02fx (sample)

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Hello guys .

Here is my doc for the system.

Will add charts 2.


Good luck Egaal








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I don't realy understand. This holy grail (!) is just TMS system at FF. Only a few person make money with TDI and Heiken Ashi indicator. Because they know also Technical Analysis and they are experienced traders. Newbies have no luck with this system. Important things; SR, trendlines, candlesticks, money management and experience. You have to understand price action
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This is Counter-Trend strategy, which will get killed in a highly trending day. But, a big winner in a not-so-trendy trending days and ranging days.


But, again, only less than 30% of the days are highly trending. So, in the long run, with a good money management and risk control, from a statistical point of view, this strategy is a winner. Congratulations.


Do you use the Demand and Supply (DemSup) lines as part of your entry criteria. It seemed that the Don channel is good enough for spotting the Support and Resistance levels.

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Dear egaalh,

I have used your template and indicator in MT4 (really thanks). I have some questions.

-how do you disable the pop up alert in the zone, I just want to off the sound (i hv disabled sound from tools>options>events).


-i have also used your system for ninja trader (also really thanks), do u use nt and mt4 together for comparison and trade at the same time? which trading platform is suitable for different conditions?


-i have read your guide that u trade nt at 1,5,15min and mt4 at 5,15,30min. Is this the reason of the trading platform difference?



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Hi Egaal, Thank you very much for your sharing. Can you please re-load the doc again.






Here complete inds + tpl + doc >>> http://www.s+++endspace.com/file/46fzzw


Sorry Egaalh is availableany update ? Another one... can you explain the parameters setting for Dax and Bund? Thanks in advance - Regards

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