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asto indicator

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hi every one

i ask some one who is a member of this site please take this indicator from this page and download in a upload center


http://[email protected]/trading-software-exchange/4455-my-christmas-present-mt4-astrology-indicator.html#post18404


thanks again


Enjoy my friend.

http://[email protected]/IYKJJB68DR

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thank you so much for sharing their stuff...and since they can take what ever they wont from here...will you please share their stuff here...what ever you find exclusive there i mean..

thank you again..


You are welcome friends. I will try to share with all of you a stuff you need. Just let me know what you need. And I think it will be better if you PM me with request. I don't mind to share publicly, but it's against their law. I hope I won't be banned )))).


Take care friends!

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