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    The brain & mind - Episode -2

    1) The Brain [2008] History Channel 94 min ( 495MB)
    Movies : Documentary : DVD Rip : English


    THE BRAIN is an astonishing voyage of discovery into our last biological frontier. Although today’s computers can make calculations in one-100th of a second and technology can transport us outside the bonds of Earth, only now are we beginning to understand the most complex machine in the universe.

    Using simple analogies, real-life case studies, and state-of-the-art CGI, this special shows how the brain works, explains the frequent battle between instinct and reason, and unravels the mysteries of memory and decision-making. It takes us inside the mind of a soldier under fire to see how decisions are made in extreme situations, examines how an autistic person like Rain Man develops remarkable skills, and takes on the age-old question of what makes one person good and another evil. Research is rushing forward. We've learned more about the workings of the brain in the last five years than in the previous one hundred. This DVD from HISTORY™ brings it all to spellbinding life.

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    2) Battles in the Brain. (Size: 1.11 GB )

    Movies : Documentary : Other quality : English
    Brains, Computers, and Minds with Professor Daniel Dennett
    Harvard University - April 21, 2009

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    3) The Brain That Changes Itself - Avi.rar (Size: 350.01 MB )

    The revolutionary science of "neuroplasticity" - a concept that expands not just our knowledge of how our brains work, but how we use them. For centuries the human brain has been thought of as incapable of fundamental change. People suffering from neurological defects, brain damage or strokes were usually written-off as hopeless cases. But recent and continuing research into the human brain is radically changing how we look at the potential for neurological recovery. The human brain, as we are now quickly learning, has a remarkable ability to change itself - in fact, even to rewire itself.

    The Brain that Changes Itself is directed by Mike Sheerin and is co-written by Dr. Norman Doidge and Mike Sheerin and produced by 90th Parallel Productions Ltd. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and ARTE France.

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    4) Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain. (Size: 692.21 MB )

    The video is based on Betty's best-selling book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, so the methods are a culmination of her more than twenty years of research and teaching experience, during which she has helped literally hundreds of thousands of individuals learn to draw. The video lessons are designed to be used in conjunction with the tools and materials in Dr. Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshop Kit, but the video will also work effectively as a stand-alone learning guide. The lessons are designed to give you success at every step of the way. Dr. Edwards guides you through the systematic process of learning to draw with her easy-to-understand explanations and visual demonstrations.
    This video is appropriate for adults and children over the age of 12.
    (about 117 minutes)

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    5) The Incredible Human Body ( size: 558.22 MB )

    Movies : Documentary : Other quality : English
    In its usual engrossing fashion, National Geographic presents The Incredible Human Body.
    Starting with the science of conception, this special takes you from one couple's journey
    through in-vitro fertilization to the removal of a man's brain tumor (while he is awake!)
    to the amazing memory of London cab drivers. Our body consists of 206 bones, 650 muscles,
    and a heart that will beat three billion times in our lifetime. How and why does our body
    develop the way it does? DNA expert J. Craig Venter says, "It's just like solving a ****** puzzle,
    only the ****** puzzle in our case has 27 million pieces [and] it came in a very big box and there was
    no picture on the cover." The Incredible Human Body explores how the brain and body interact to not only function,
    but adapt and learn. Narrated by actress Kate Burton, The Incredible Human Body is a fascinating lesson in mind-body
    interaction. --Dana Van Nest

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