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    Objection from system sellers

    Hello all,

    I am regular reader here and I love this forum and the helpful guys available around who answers questions from us newbies and provides valuable insights . These tiny helps are worth 1000s of $$$, trust me =D> . They are invaluable. I've seen couple of like minded people trying out trading strategies and comparing notes. Finding flaws in the systems and tweaking them to make it work. Such types of inputs from various members are invaluable. Not to mention the wealth of information available here that would cost a fortune to lay your hands on!! Moreover, this is beneficial for us traders because the knowledge and exprience gained by group of traders using a particular system is often manyfold more than a lone trader trading alone. Hence, it is a sort of beta test for the trading system as well as we get to know it's real worth.

    I would hate it if this forum closed down by any sort of legal actions initiated from the trading system sellers. They might get pissed off as their package is shared here without filling their pockets.

    A simple search in Google pulls up many of the trading systems names with direct link to this forum where it is posted. An Example:

    And this sounds an alarm at the seller's end. And the result is:


    In order to prevent this, what I would suggest is to m0dify the name_of syst3m by all posters/members such that the name and the thread is not visible in Google search. This would keep this forum safe from any potential action from the trading system sellers.

    respected Mods, what are your thoughts? Is this a sane idea or am I just getting paranoid??

    \m/ Cheers

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    Re: Objection from system sellers

    how you find this forums?

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    Re: Objection from system sellers

    I think sheetal has an excellent point. I found this site by such a search on google.

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