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    Quote Originally Posted by signrc View Post
    I am helpful and kind that's why 265 thanks in my belt. Just check my forum posts whether I'm helpful or not.

    According to u ......................I will be only helpful and kind if I steal TZ exclusive stuffs otherwise I could not be helpful and kind................LOL

    Within one year u don't share a single stuff in indo................. r u?
    I know signrc very well, he is a helpful guy and was a GZ in TZ. I changed my name here in Indo after the death of TZ. So far I remember sanket bhatt was not a GZ in traderszone, so do not expect anything from him. This thread is dead.

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    Pardon me at the outset.
    But IMHO , actions always speak louder than words.
    As Al Brooks put in nicely in his book, " Those who know do not talk, and those talk do not know".
    Apologies again if i have offended anyone.
    Trade easy and trade wisely and help generously.cheers all.

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    I find NOXA CSSA for Metastock but link died or virus. Would you like share NOXA CSSA clean version?
    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanket Bhatt View Post
    Enough...cant see harassment of new comers in TZ....

    Request what you what you want from TZ in this thread....will leech it off making sure they cant trace me...request to give some time to leech off !!
    I have been through all 6 pages and there have been request for items and not a single item has been provided.

    Now, I really do not understand your game on this forum. Either do what you promise or stop wasting time!!!!

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