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    (Req) Free nse + mcx addition with eod cracked data

    Does anyone have the downloading from please share.

    Realtime Commodities

    Complete solution for daytraders. All that is needed at the users end is a personal computer and an internet connection.
    Coverage of all liquid contracts.
    Historical data available with automatic backfill feature.
    Our own charting package plus support for all popular charting packages.

    ComzTrade Basic Edition INR 2000 per month.
    For users of popular charting packages.

    ComzTrade Advanced Edition INR 4000 per month. (Introductory price.)
    Trade with our advanced techniques.

    ComzTrade Advanced Personal Edition. (Please call for pricing.)
    YOUR OWN customised edition the way you want.

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    can any one share this,

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    up can any one share this,

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