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    Hello guys,

    I believe that Options are the best instrument for generating profits. I had followed people who really master options and I have decided to create this thread like a starting point to master options. I am just a beginner but tired of pursuing a lot of stuff and courses for nothing, I would love that all of us could share our experience and create something that could help to all of us. When I talk about Optioins, I mean Stock Options of USA market. So please my intention is to grow together with you and all your knowledge and experience. My intention is to be really especific and avoid all the smoke and ego about this matter of Options because there is no end about them. I would like to start with the essential knowledge and later going deeper but in a very practical way. Please any advice and sugestion is welcome.

    What do you think? Would you like to join in this journey?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    i am ready to join with you and learn from you/share...

    Happy trading...


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      I would be willing to join. How's it going so far? Trading with CFDs is what I like doing now. Crypto is more popular now, but I am not that sure about cryptocurrency investing. Everyone has talked about cryptocurrency since the beginning of this year. BTC price skyrocketed, but it crashed when China banned it and when Tesla stopped accepting it as a payment option. I don't know how BTC felt when it dropped to 30K USD from 60K USD. I wanted to start trading with other cryptocurrencies, but they're not as stable as I would like them to be. So I will continue leverage trading with CFDs on the Investous website. It's been good for me. I haven't had any big losses, and I plan to continue in that way.
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        CFDs have to big of Bid/Ask spread. You could start out selling/writing options such as call spreads and put spreads or doing wheel trades, then work from there


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          Good idea, but seems no further input has been contributed to this thread


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            Have you tried investing in cryptocurrency? It is becoming prevalent, so I suggest you do not lose the opportunity. The investment will be more profitable if you use bitcoin because it is the best option for investment. The cryptocurrency has seen a very high growth after the pandemic, and this gives more opportunities for investors, primarily if you use a bitcoin mixer that provides a secure connection and transaction ways for the cryptocurrency. I recommend using only official sources.


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