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  • Sandbox for Software

    Just wondering if anyone uses sandboxie or any other tools when installing software from this site? Any hints/tips/best practices?

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    I use it as a precaution, works nice.


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      if you are not sure whether software is good or harmful, you can use VMWare, it is very good but needs resources. You can find serial key for vmware or medicine anywhere online.


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        Sandbox and Hyper-V (VM) are built-in features of Windows 10. I use them frequently. YouTube has many instructional videos on how to activate and use them. However; if you activate Hyper-V, you cannot use any other VMs like VirtualBox or VMware. If you need to use VirtualBox too, then use Windows on a separate hard drive or install Windows on a USB drive. YouTube has instructional videos on all of this. If you have specific questions about this, you can find many geek tech support forums by searching on Google where you can discuss your issues with experts. Instructions for Hyper-V are at
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