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i want to believe some people on this forum are acutally making a living from forex.i have been on this forum for a long time,it hurts to note that i am beginning to lose faith in forex.i used to mentor people not because i trade and make a living but because i believ in what i do,i have had series of losing accounts i mean on a weekly basis and the year is coming to an end,i collected money to trade and give dividend and now it seems after all the nights of serious reading years of observing charts it seems forex is not going to work for has contiually messed my life up and now i am looking for where to run too that will enable escape the roth of my clients.if anyone has some words of encourgment or better still a plan.i seem to have a mentality that i can,t be good in any thing legitimate because they never work me,folks i am in total confusion pls advice

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  1. osaze's Avatar
    What kills most traders is simply the perspective u take in the forex market.... See it as a get-rich-quick scheme n u will be sorry 4 the rest of ur accounts. Trying to make all the money in a home-run is not what forex is about. In my country most people saw forex trading as a get-rich-quick scheme and there are no where to be found. Only the ones with the right perspective are still standing. FOREX IS FOR REAL!!!!... At least, speaking for myself and a bunch of friends that I know are doing great in the market