GBPUSD 1st July 2010

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First Day of the month. Wahah..
Hope everyone will become millionaire this month.

My guess for today.
It might goes up if M15 & H1 EWO signal still remain the same.

D1 Chart

Still need at least 1 more day to prove that the trend is going down. Hope this will be the real thing.

H4 Chart

If EWO is really continuing going down, I will expect to see 1.490 and 1.48 soon.

H1 Chart

EWO is going up in the chart. So have to be careful of retracement.

M15 Chart

Likewise for M15 EWO. Once it show sell signal in EWO, let's go selling!!

Trade at your own risk! Good Luck to all.


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