Bill Meridians Planetary Stock Trading

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If you're serious about making money with the stock market, useastrology. It gives you a profit-making edge when you blend it withtechnical analysis and fundamental analysis. And if you're serious about using astrology in the stock market, don't waste any time-- get a copy of Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading immediately!
This is a wonderful reference book that deserves a prominent place on every astro-trader's desk. You'll find hundreds and hundreds of horoscopes for NYSE stocks, NASDAQ stocks, foreign stocks, mutual funds and more. The planetary positions in the horoscopes are all cross-indexed so you can spot sensitive points quickly to speed up your astrological stock picking.

But this is more than just a reference book. It's also a how-to book on combining financial astrology with technical analysis, drawing on the author's remarkable background in investment analysis and fund management. You'll find clearly presented market basics that will guide you through the maze of decisions that go into effective trading. Best of all, Bill Meridian illustrates his stock-picking methodolgy with plenty of case studies, grounding the theoretical knowledge in specific trading experience.

If you're a professional using astrology in the markets, this is one book you can't do without. If you're a newcomer to astro-trading, this is definitely the place to get started. END

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