trend line breakout

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hi all

this is very simple system,you have to be patience and money management to this.if i asked for suggestion i would say one plan for moneymanagement.just invest 500usd then trade with 0.03lotsize.then your equity stoploss around 1650pips.ok if you catch 2000pips in 4 pairs for 1 or 2 months then your depposite doubled ,then double your trading lot size with 0.06 it is money managent for any trader for any trading system.
next come to line breakout is very simple scalping system.we use 2 indicators cci20 macd8,13,1.those 2 indicators are zerline based indicators.if price crosse zero line from bottom it is buy signal and above zero line is buy area.this applies to both indicators.
if you draw a trend line in any timeframe chart.if at certain place you feel that price breaking trend line.then you look for indicators confirmation,if they too support go for trade in that direction put stoploss as swing low or swing high then first target is your stoploss pips.that is you are applying 1:1 risk reward ratio.
eurusd,usdchf,gbpusd,audusd,nzdusd these 5 pairs i noticed good for this strategy.
commodities gold silver is very good for this strategy

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  1. ac007's Avatar
    Can you please tell me if those trend lines could be drawn automatically?
  2. pipper1's Avatar
    I really like this - clean and simple - just add some discipline and you've got a winner !!
  3. PipQueen2's Avatar
    where can i get this?
  4. ALPINE4133's Avatar
    Are the lines on thei chart from a Indicator? If so how can i try it?