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  1. [Share] All My Files~well almost all

    Here is a good way to get into the sharing spirit at II. Help Yourself Everything is in Alphabetical Order.....ENJOY!!!!

    P.S. ...Please DON'T hit the thanks button unless you find something that can be usefull to you. Awesome....ENJOY!!!!


    Check back or PM me for updates....PEACE..
  2. School of Pipsology Pdf

    Even if your new or a Seasoned Trader it's always good to "Sharpen your Sword" from time to Time even if that means going back to school! here is the official [url][email protected][/url] entire school on PDF format just for you! Kudos Please :)

  3. Bill Meridians Planetary Stock Trading

    If you're serious about making money with the stock market, useastrology. It gives you a profit-making edge when you blend it withtechnical analysis and fundamental analysis. And if you're serious about using astrology in the stock market, don't waste any time-- get a copy of Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading immediately!
    This is a wonderful reference book that deserves a prominent place on every astro-trader's desk. You'll find hundreds and hundreds of horoscopes for NYSE stocks, NASDAQ ...
  4. Gbpusd

    GBP interest rate decision today... most like will be unchanged.
    Asian Session GBPUSD still hovering around the 1.6090-1.6100 area.
    Perhaps a breakout to firm the 1.61 area by touching 1.6150 area.
    Technical , Fundamental
  5. EURUSD Forex Forecast (Updated Daily) Jan. 12

    Hello everyone,

    Today we expect the EURUSD to head North between the 1.29215 and 1.29430 barrier area.
    Here is a Visual of our Forecast for January 12, 2011

    Note that all analysis are personally edited and approved by Forex Analyst Navin Prithyani.

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