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  1. Market Moving News on USD/JPY by AceTrader

    USD/JPY - 82.46..
    Dlr moves sideways in Tokyo morning after staging a minor bounce fm 82.32 in Australia but renewed selling at 82.70 earlier forced price to ratchet lower. Range-trading is expected in Asia after y'day's selloff to 82.19, as mentioned in our Monday's update, Friday's CFTC report showed speculators were long of dlr n short in yen, therefore, last week's decline in the dlr n y'day's weakness wud have flushed out many short yen positions out there.
    Offers are seen at ...
  2. School of Pipsology Pdf

    Even if your new or a Seasoned Trader it's always good to "Sharpen your Sword" from time to Time even if that means going back to school! here is the official [url][email protected][/url] entire school on PDF format just for you! Kudos Please :)

  3. Bill Meridians Planetary Stock Trading

    If you're serious about making money with the stock market, useastrology. It gives you a profit-making edge when you blend it withtechnical analysis and fundamental analysis. And if you're serious about using astrology in the stock market, don't waste any time-- get a copy of Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading immediately!
    This is a wonderful reference book that deserves a prominent place on every astro-trader's desk. You'll find hundreds and hundreds of horoscopes for NYSE stocks, NASDAQ ...
  4. Req:Forex Break and EA Bias

    Does anyone have these Programs.


    I'm a great believer of buying programs if they do what they say on the box, But in view of the many forex
    EA scams I'd like to try it first.

  5. trend line breakout

    hi all

    this is very simple system,you have to be patience and money management to this.if i asked for suggestion i would say one plan for moneymanagement.just invest 500usd then trade with 0.03lotsize.then your equity stoploss around 1650pips.ok if you catch 2000pips in 4 pairs for 1 or 2 months then your depposite doubled ,then double your trading lot size with 0.06 it is money managent for any trader for any trading system.
    next come ...
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