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  1. adxcross ea stop n reverse
  2. please fix FFCAL News Indicator
  3. Adjust Forex boomerang trailing stop
  4. New coding and programming subforum section
  5. 1st learning course -(Lesson number #1)
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  7. A question for programmers
  8. Alert sound for open trade
  9. Manual MT4 price alert creation
  10. Need to Reverse this system
  11. Change Takeprofit from USD to percentage of balance
  12. how to modify an ea
  13. [Req] How to add price range function in EA?
  14. Stoploss and TP fixed
  15. Need additional info for Price meter ind
  16. 1st learning course -(Lesson number #2)
  17. Indicator Help
  18. Trade management ea
  19. Change this indicator to EA
  20. Need simple EA
  21. Need help
  22. How to Stop trading on server error
  23. Need EA for MTF_Stoch indicator
  24. [REQ] EA for modifying SL to previous swing low/high
  25. please educate this scapler
  26. How to recompile
  27. Tandil EA needs help
  28. How to get comments showing on MT4
  29. (Ask) How to change logic state of this code
  30. (ASK)How to add variable to this code
  31. Decouple EAs from their dlls
  32. Spread Check
  33. Dual BB need to be fixed
  34. Chaosentry indicator
  35. vertical line indicator
  36. (ask) how to code this
  37. Trend Indicator
  38. my own breakout technique ea---need help
  39. Newbee question: how to restrict in number of open positions
  40. Nice Trend indi (fixed)
  41. Sell/Buy scripts issue
  42. Need Alert for these indicators
  43. Trendline EA - automatic drawing
  44. Developing S/R Expert : Highly Profitable : 99 % Accuracy
  45. {Req} Help in fixing trend indicator
  46. News Indicator
  47. (REQ) Fixing glitch in MartinEA
  48. Ask Req - Distance between orders in Ea. I need help
  49. (ASK) close all on candle color change
  50. (REQ) Add trading time to this EA please?
  51. Why do most EA's fail ?
  52. ( Ask) How to fix this code?
  53. (ask)How much profit ea
  54. (ASK) Placing orders
  55. (REQ) alert Ang_AZAD indicator
  56. Need help with grid EA
  57. PriceChaser System(EA Request)
  58. [REQ] Can someone correct this Code?
  59. {Reg} Script for Close All Entry Order EA
  60. Is anyone familiar with Molanis?
  61. [REQ] Problem with this code
  62. Simple profitable system needs EA programmer!!!!!
  63. (ASK) Help adding this indicator
  64. [req] help to make indicator update instantly
  65. req need help need to put mm
  66. (req) Delaying buy/sell time
  67. Request for help-To built Order Triggered EA <OT_EA> (no technical analysis involve)
  68. Need help, i will two codes make it to one code !
  69. Mql2MQL4 converter request
  70. Need your help on Order Triggered Order EA coding
  71. (Help) How to add level to MA code
  72. REQ: Stocycle indicator alert modification
  73. [REQ] Code for EA, for all pairs like EURUSD, EURUSDx, EURUSDxx or EURUSDxxx
  74. implementation trading hour fx brillance
  75. Help Please. How can I use the appearance of an arrow to call an order send function.
  76. after a certain profit on $ order closes
  77. MQ4 EA Hedge on open candle
  78. Great signal/alert
  79. Implementing delay between orders
  80. Standard ea code
  81. create ea from 1 minute daily strategy
  82. Molanis Strategy Builder-A visual tool to create EAs- No more coding or MQL
  83. Help Please. How can I use Trend Dash board in EA
  84. I believe this is a scalper with big potential but needs some mods
  85. How to stop EA from trading after hitting your accumulated profit
  86. {Ask} Signal Alerts on cell phone
  87. Coding challenge for powerful system
  88. Code works on home PC, not working on VPS
  89. ex4 protection
  90. Calling "global Variables" from Indicators to an EA
  91. Help with my new ea order issue
  92. My adapted EA
  93. Anyone can share a DLL Decompiler?
  94. [Req] Trade managing EA - OCO - change to ECN
  95. (REQ) make this EA work on 5 digits
  96. Profitable Scalping Strategy alert indicator required
  97. [REQ] Multi Time Frame and Multi Currency Analysis Indicators
  98. [ASK] About NN
  99. REQ - Looking for a coding Guru - Price Patterns.mq4 quickfix :-)
  100. can someone to make this indie refresh himself ?
  101. Can an EA's DLL be rigged?
  102. why does this happen?
  103. Reading out MQL code from commercial indicator?
  104. Need to decompile one EA
  105. I want to hire one EA programmer to put my strategy into MQ4. Thanks.
  106. {ASK} how to make an EA to trade on 5 digit broker
  107. Mq4 to MQ5 conversion
  108. Error 0 when trade doesn't open
  109. MQL4 For Dummies
  110. Pivot line
  111. Error #130 (Invalid stops) help
  112. Account Balance at midnight
  113. Liquidity and Volatility
  114. 4xcashcompounder invalid stops
  115. change OCO script
  116. HELP me creating my idea to an EA...
  117. Suffix coding for EA, like EURUSDm, or EURUSDjfx, ...
  118. Automatic Grail needs a new stop loss
  119. Deleted an MQ4 file accidentally,now I need to decompile the EX4
  120. Need a coder, I guess this needs little time for coding, because no indicator needed
  121. plase help me....
  122. % Trail Stop possible?
  123. [REQ] Coding EA using Fractals indicator with no repaint
  124. Need help please
  125. very profitable
  126. 10K to 3 million EA ADX EA
  127. @ This ebook is very useful, I hope you will like it @
  128. Where can we get this made? Lets be the FIRST to REVOLUTIONIZE our trading!
  129. Help me Please
  130. Martin Avenger
  131. Please Help
  132. OCO Help!
  133. Need MQ4 -> Java translation of one EA, ready to pay via PayPal for the service
  134. Need MQL : C*R*A*I*G H*A*R*R*I*S EA to take and manage the trade
  135. Please help me edit this EA
  136. REQ - convert funnel to ECN
  137. A small Help needed
  138. Drain the banks - rat reversal EA
  139. Need help with error: trade context is busy
  140. Need help for indicator
  141. 90-95% winnings, Tested and proven by manual
  142. Need Help for EA
  143. Need help to modify an EA
  144. EA based on BB,RSI & SDL
  145. Neural Networks + www.forexfactory.com News Feeds
  146. [email protected] ea
  147. EA coding breakdown and blacklist
  148. Code 'maximum trade per direction'
  149. Help changing indicator from lines to arrow on cross
  150. Tools and hints how to educate/crack
  151. NEED HELP! About Script.
  152. [req] NeuroSolutions 6 keygen
  153. Simple Trade Management EA
  154. need help crack this ea
  155. Is possibile to find this script?
  156. EA Creation - Icustom Function Clarification
  157. MM and Trailing for EA
  158. ProFX Expert Advisor
  159. I need a programmer that can transfer all code into dll, or a better for of protectio
  160. help me with account balance protection lock
  161. WOC 1.6 / Opposite Trading
  162. expert advisor BOMBA need minor change
  163. Function for Minimum Lot Size
  164. MA of RSI
  165. Anyone can code for JForex?
  166. Can you code this simple EA?
  167. Is there a working script to convert csv files to hst?
  168. 75 consecutive losses, could winning be as easy?
  169. Follow the Leader EA Correlation Code
  170. [REQ] Explain this for me please
  171. Flow in Programming of EA
  172. Code needs some changes
  173. Coder Needed To Convert Breakout Indicator Into EA
  174. Coding EA help
  175. Simple Effective Powerfull from member fxeasy5 to EA?
  176. OHLC or OLHC
  177. Wrong coded? EA first order, always starts with lowest lotsize after MT4 restart.
  178. Close all Orders on pair/magic...
  179. DLL creation
  180. GU Daily History file
  181. Metatrader Anti-Crash EA
  182. How to calculate the profit of orders opened by the EA?
  183. Please change
  184. MM Lines (Murrey Maths Lines) Expert Advisor
  185. Display Local Time?
  186. Can someone implement new features into an existing EA?
  187. Finding a programmer that won't scam you
  188. Script help request
  189. I need a quickie EA
  190. Please help me
  191. Interesting strategy - Is somebody able to code an EA for it?
  192. Public signal from MT4 to website
  193. Requote programming
  194. decompiler 226 verson
  195. Need Help Color-Coding the STOCHASTIC RSI INDICATOR - Any Brilliant Minds Out There?
  196. Add a invert option to this indicator dollar index
  197. Coding Help Please
  198. Need one indicator to this fine Strategy
  199. Quick mql help
  200. Simple EA coding request
  201. EMACross Histogram Indicator
  202. Good Indy but needs an alert
  203. Request for automation of simple and apparently VERY profitable fibonacci TZ strategy
  204. Another EA creation request, but it's my personal strategy, Profitable!!
  205. I have good indi but needs alret signel
  206. keldargrid EA creation request
  207. EA's won' t work in New MT4 Account
  208. Best indicator - make ea plz
  209. Beginner needs help
  210. [REQ] - Create a Black Dog System EA - Entry Indicators in post
  211. Very good Indicator need someone to create EA
  212. Setting text background color (MQL4)
  213. MTF stochastics indicator
  214. Money management settings change
  215. Font Size
  216. non repainting zig zag need alert
  217. good system please educate
  218. KG GGH Signal indicator to EA request
  219. IDAPro v6
  220. Who can do some changes of my Ea?
  221. while loop in EA causes 100% CPU
  222. Instant Buy/Sell code - What are the rules?
  223. ERROR:0, EA does not open any Trades
  224. Mql book where to buy and printed book,
  225. Can anyone creat this ea for me it will help this community mambers
  226. Code request ->Someone is able to build this GRID+HEDGE Strategy?
  227. Help modifying Indo Run please
  229. (REQ) EA or alert needed for a good indicator
  230. Simple Modification Required
  231. Simple Code Request
  232. New Code Request - Possible?
  233. need software convert ex4 to mq4
  234. Simple Trade Management EA needed, no hanky panky
  235. rsi Warning device request
  236. GBPUSD - price explosion - needs to be coded
  237. [REQ] Script for TP in account currency, not PIPs
  238. req for stop lose to be added
  239. Too many calculation on every tick.. How to solve with MQL4?
  240. [REQ] MACD signal line
  241. need help for converting mql4 to mql5
  242. Is it possible for a Script to close-out both open and pending orders simultaneously?
  243. need Trade Copier
  244. [REQ] ScreenShot auto all file indicators.
  245. IndoRun exit solution
  246. FileRead
  247. ADR Projection Indicator
  248. newsfilter
  249. Text signal required
  250. [code] 81% Return - EA creation