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  1. Need a EA Coder for my Profitable Manual Strategy
  2. [REQ]Pivot Krausz
  3. Coding an Indiactor to MTF version
  4. Good Indicator (92%) need to create EA
  5. Req Interesting coder
  6. Simple Reverse Martingale - need help to make opposite order...
  7. EA required based on Pipware Dash 3.0
  8. Ordersend() with expire format
  9. SDL EA needs small mod to make profitable
  10. Need help
  11. MT4 Indicator Request - to be coded
  12. Max Daily Loss
  13. Power Hedging
  14. Sure Fire Hedging Strategy
  15. MT4 indicator on Excel?
  16. Help needed
  17. (req) any good EA protection tool?
  18. Line in the middle off the chart
  19. ZigZag indicator
  20. Stop trade EA
  21. Help with simple EA but I think it must be profitable :)
  22. Will dealer see order's magic number?
  23. Renko Martingale Scalper
  24. {Req} Simple to use trade copier
  25. Need help to modify some EA's (will pay)
  26. Script Mods Needed
  27. Help with EA development
  28. Help!Please make Ea 4 digit broker to 5 digits
  29. Victor
  30. Genial Invest
  31. No repainted indicator..We can develop it to EA..
  32. (Request) Indicator Modified quickfix
  33. Holy Grail indi (or almost)- it only needs small modification
  34. (req) creating an offline chart for an offline chart using rangebars (mt4)
  35. (REQUEST) EA I can set the target profit, Stop lost and Trailing Stop
  36. [ Req ] Can someone Convert this Indicators into MT4 Indicators ?
  37. Channel or Counter-Trend EA that shows promise
  38. Could anyone put SL TP to this EA?
  39. Adding Description to Trendline Automatically
  40. Icustom? how to return a value from another indicator?
  41. Phantom System
  42. (Request) How to code this simple command
  43. Fontsize option
  44. (Request) Help to create EA Follow Take Profit for testing scalping
  45. how to educate .dll EA
  46. close a trade down by points and not pips? using a 5 digit broker
  47. (Request) Simple pending order EA
  48. Request lookin for a coder help me code my strategy to an EA, Trading exp 25years.
  49. can anyone fix this script (uninit reason 0) usefull for scalper
  50. Help Me my EA won't work
  51. (Reques) help to create my simple EA $5 USD paypal
  52. (req) can any one educate for me this ea
  53. Anyone using swiss army EA ?
  54. Code a simple modification to the Stochastic Indicator?
  55. marketscope range bar
  56. Building an EA based on indicators developped for metatrader
  57. Request idea to make good and profitable ea
  58. Hyper V2 need Educate
  59. Indicator that calculate moving average from custom indicator and plot arrows
  60. (REQ) Forex Goiler indicator to EA
  61. coding Hurst Indicator
  62. Forex EA Generator Professional v4.1
  63. [REQ] Movable Pip Channel
  64. oddbot ea ! educate please ...
  65. Creation more like it :)
  66. convert this EA to a script. please:)
  67. oddbot ea
  68. The Best Ea?
  69. Need to decompile LineTrader EA
  70. How to convert indicator to EA
  71. {REQ} how to add this stoploss code to EA
  72. [ Req: Edu ] Euro Scalper & Grid Scalp Trader
  73. Lower high/higher low indi for prostation- please convert
  74. money grid nh v4 (2 side same time ) modified code by me & more to come (4 face/1 ea)
  75. Build your own FX robot.
  76. how do i Make my ea work with an ecn broker?
  77. Adding buffers to indicator
  78. Does Anyone have This Expertise, for coding?
  79. problem with account copier (not works in 5 digit brokers
  80. Need an EXPERT ADVISER
  81. Opening a trade @ a specific time?
  82. Coding Help needed for EA filter??
  83. ex4 to mql and make the indicator showing multitimeframe
  84. Hedge EA - Needs improvement
  85. [ASK] Need Coder To Convert Manual Trade Strategy To EA
  86. [ASK] EA which manages open orders
  87. MQL Coding Gurus Please Help!
  88. Need to make my EA ECN compatible!
  89. powerbands to code for MT4
  90. Template EA - Program any strategy on top of a good EA template
  91. Million Dollar Pips
  92. Order Alert
  93. Day filter
  94. coding challange
  95. Martingale Strategy request to code mql4 monthly return 25~35%
  96. [ASK] Need a timefilter and SL input added to Ilan
  97. Scripts
  98. [ASK] Script / EA for placing orders
  99. [REQ] Funyoo EA Template or Similar
  100. Edit an EA
  101. CableRun V4 Need some modification
  102. Forex EA Generator Professional v4.4
  103. MTF Heiken Ashi basket trade EA
  104. Any one comple the Programme
  105. [ASK] EA that opens buy and sell orders from custom indicator alerts.
  106. Req : EA forTarget and stoploss for MT4
  107. can anyone please fix my EA?
  108. [Req] Reverse forex growth bot
  109. combining two indicators into one
  110. Need help to code one EA
  111. AutoFxFiringPin EA Need Education
  112. can someone decompile this free indicator
  113. How to create a double indicator with out putting it in your window twice...?
  114. REQ, 100 Pips Daily Scalper To Be An EA
  115. How to add "Steath" Mode in EA.
  116. Need programmer to modify EA
  117. Adding: Maximum Trade option
  118. Script help
  119. Need to add a imput to a EA,can you help please!!!!
  120. Can someone help to decompile this indicator please...
  121. REQ: Can someone decompile ensign indicators and create mq4 indicators from the codes
  122. hi, can anyone decompile this for me please?
  123. [Req] Indicator modification requested
  124. coding and programming request please...!
  125. Problem with coding
  126. Can a .exe file be decompiled
  127. help with some simple coding -
  128. hi, can anyone decompile this for me please?
  129. whats wrong
  130. C++ program - global trade station 2 .dll fix for reader.
  131. Max Spread
  132. REQ: If close one the close all
  133. Learn to code EAs
  134. I need mql4 Coder to help me
  135. MTF - HA (nrp)
  136. add sendmail function to indicator
  137. How to interprete DailyVolume datas without OI ?
  138. *REQ: close all on error
  139. SMI Color Indicator Modification
  140. Equity manager modification help
  141. Need help to code my pinbar strategy
  142. mql4 tutorial course on VIDEO , Plz Share
  143. Session time indicator
  144. Psar ea
  145. Kindly convert this rubicon indicator tradable for all indices
  146. MQL Script to detect ECN brokers
  147. Script to detect candle patterns
  148. Creating an Gann hi-lo crossover arrow alert indicator
  149. need your help
  150. Undock MT4 Charts
  151. (REQ) 1 click trade MT4
  152. Required : Indicator alert
  153. Newbie help - probably a simple mistake?
  154. (urgent req) neuro forex strength trend predictor mq4 code
  155. I need these indicators decompiled as quick as it can be done-really!
  156. software coding mql (hedge and anti martingale)
  157. mutli hidden pending order script
  158. Retry after error -- please help
  159. need coder mql4 for EA hedging
  160. EA for demo account only
  161. mt5 to mt4 converter - question
  162. Indo Run 1.5 - help me to add this code in to indo run ...
  163. Request for Simple Indicator
  164. An Interesting Free EA Builder
  165. change ea, need programmer help I pay
  166. how to get values of two drawn lines of "ichimoku kinko hyo" indicator ?
  167. [REQ]required Crack
  168. Trendline EA
  169. who can program a automated order placing script/ EA
  170. [REQ] Programmer for a 4,000 line EA
  171. Coding my MT4 Renko strategy
  172. Profitable EA
  173. Profitable EA but need to be able to change max orders..
  174. "Unknown ticket for OrderModify"
  175. Plot CSV data to future candlestick.. how to code MQ4?
  176. Have idea for simple EA based on Doda-BBands
  177. [HELP]Please Edu this EA ...
  178. MyFXBook EA
  179. [REQ] Could anyone add features to this good EA?
  180. Pivot indicator improvement
  181. How to define "consolidation"
  182. Remove the pass please
  183. [HELP]Convert this EA into .mq4 and delete the expires date !
  184. Manta_MF_Table market flow indicator is slowing PC cand anyone recode?
  185. Idea for robot.
  186. to send mail in mt4 expert advisors
  187. How to get OrdersTotal in EA
  188. Rew : Modification to Candlestick indicator
  189. Need help on EA
  190. need coders better than me lol
  191. [JOB for cash] need a coder to help me code buy/sell and stoploss order strategy
  192. HELP needed with "Zero Devide".
  193. Help with making MTF_RenkoLiveChart_v1.1 EA refresh
  194. Please decompile this system
  195. Looking for a Coder who can make a Trade Manager
  196. (REQ) Please decompile Median renko mt4
  197. Payback Trader Jason Alexander.
  198. Profitable EA Add hidden stoploss
  199. 2MAcross Ea modification
  200. Looking for a Coder who can help to code my strategy
  201. {REQ} Dukascopy Jforex Trade Manager
  202. Best company to code an EA for you??
  203. Grail Trend alert
  204. Adding Labels to an existing indicator.
  205. Add a start time input in indicator
  206. Need a good Coder (MT4)
  207. Need to help modiffy this fantastic EA
  208. please decomplie and edu Success EA
  209. Average daily range per & session per pair
  210. [HELP-EDU] EA FAPTurbo ver.57 & FAPIchimoku ver.1.2
  211. I need your help can anyone code this indicator to stop repainting
  212. why would Stochastic RSi on Open prices repaint current 0 bar.??..
  213. MT4 version of EW
  214. Kindly decompile this Bolinger EA...
  215. could someone add alert to this indicator please?
  216. I want to write something on the LH side of the chart
  217. i want someone to create this expert for me
  218. MQL4 to MQL5 code convertor (convert indicators, scripts, experts)
  219. Very Good Indicator to EA
  220. Looking for a coder who can help me make this
  221. UseHolidayShutdown function in Blessing EA copy into another EA
  222. Can Someone make an EA to this indi!!!!!
  223. (req) Can any one make a simple EA
  224. (REQ) please decompile and educate renko&tick chart EA
  225. forex scalping pro
  226. Help about an alert
  227. how to determine, in an expert advisor, if the closeby function is supported
  228. Top dex ADX
  229. Dyn-pro-scalper
  230. Red face [req] crack neural software
  231. (Req) [email protected] MT4
  232. Argur EA help
  233. Please change this indicator for use in expert
  234. Help with this code to add a simple object to chart
  235. (req) can any one creat a bollinger band EA
  236. modifying
  237. how much it cost to edit an ea ?
  238. pure Martingale Hedging EA --- need add 4 features
  239. EA Error Reparing Service
  240. Help with order script
  241. EA coding, genetic 99% backtests, optimizations.. by real traders!
  242. I am looking for a good coder who can make my idea into an ea
  243. Indicator issue on live accounts
  244. Indicator: AIzig
  245. Close order on Close[0]
  246. Coding strategies on adxcellence
  247. Decompiling of .EX5
  248. MQL5 - HIstorical Camarilla- Need HELP for easy mod
  249. Help to decompile dll file
  250. (REQ) Help add alert to non lag macd