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    Re: Anyone using naked trading style here?

    Quote Originally Posted by William
    One thing that people may forget about trading with only Support & Resistance or any kind of chart pattern is that price differs between brokers.

    I don't know with other countries, but here in Indonesia some malicious brokers might have a price differs as much as 100 pips from reuters. There are also some aliens gaps here and there.

    So, please always watch your back.


    P.S. Well, I always like to see beautiful woman naked while she is trading. Hohohohohohoho Merry Xmas.
    You're right bro william, candle price/pattern are difference between brokers, they are market maker, manipulators and robbers, that's why i don't put SL, i use mental SL, and MM must be good

    P.S. I always like beautiful woman... :mrgreen:

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    And you can not post it without the link? just the information to locate it?

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    Strategies are personal to your own performance, psyche and risk awareness, thus it’s impossible to say Strategy one will suit you or Strategy two will perform better.

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    I have heard that similar trading strategy was used some time ago, however, for now, there is no point to implement it. It's totally unpractical, moreover, there are much better trading strategies.

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