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    Re: Anyone using naked trading style here?

    Quote Originally Posted by William
    One thing that people may forget about trading with only Support & Resistance or any kind of chart pattern is that price differs between brokers.

    I don't know with other countries, but here in Indonesia some malicious brokers might have a price differs as much as 100 pips from reuters. There are also some aliens gaps here and there.

    So, please always watch your back.


    P.S. Well, I always like to see beautiful woman naked while she is trading. Hohohohohohoho Merry Xmas.
    You're right bro william, candle price/pattern are difference between brokers, they are market maker, manipulators and robbers, that's why i don't put SL, i use mental SL, and MM must be good

    P.S. I always like beautiful woman... :mrgreen:

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    And you can not post it without the link? just the information to locate it?

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    Strategies are personal to your own performance, psyche and risk awareness, thus it’s impossible to say Strategy one will suit you or Strategy two will perform better.

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