im Cramers Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich Summary:

Simon & Schuster Audio | ISBN: 0743561740 | 2006 | MP3 | 135 Mb each

In Jim Cramers Mad Money, TVs champion of the middle-class investor walks you through the key decisions investors have to make: understanding your tolerance for risk and defining your goals, doing the essential homework on a stock, and knowing how to buy and sell stocks the right way the Cramer way.
From the first Booyah to the last roar of the bull, Mad Money offers TV viewers valuable information that can be the basis for a winning portfolio. Cramer now tells listeners how to turn the Lightning Round into stock market strength training. He reveals how he can assess a stock in only seconds, a valuable skill that every investor can acquire and put to good use. He reviews some of his best and worst calls to extract ten lessons from each that can profit every investor. And for the Mad Money junkies who just cant get enough, Cramer goes behind the scenes to explain everything from the reason behind his deliberate mispronunciations to his notorious chair abuse to the zany props and buttons that keep things humming.
Jim Cramers Mad Money can turn every investors favorite TV program into a top-notch stock portfolio.