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    Topics to study for "forex insider view"

    Hi all,
    Open this topic for discuss with us about topics to study for learn laws of forex market.
    I have read a lot and according to me there are two main concepts to really learn forex market:
    1) Correlation between currencies
    2) Relative Strength between currencies

    These are two global concepts in the forex world because when you sudy them you don't see only one currency but all.
    You can find a lot of trading strategies based on these concepts.

    Now my question is if you can suggest me another global concept in forex world because I think that a combination of these concepts can create a really successfull strategy on all currency.

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    Those are good points to remember and perhaps use! However those two concepts are too broad for me to understand and I prefer a forex trading strategy where you are not in front of a computer all day waiting for trades to happen. It can be like watching paint dry. I also find that it is harder to keep your emotions in check when you do this. The most important thing when currency trading is to take the emotion out of it. Otherwise you won’t make any money trading. I prefer an end of day trading strategy as I place my trades at night and forget about it till next night at same time. A company I have found good for this is makemoneycurrencytrading dot co dot uk as I can usually place the trades based on their strategy in 15-30 mins. I work full time and have a family so I can’t spend all day at screen nor would I want to.

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