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    Managed Expert Advisor Demo Account For Members To Copy

    I would love to see a team put together for the purpose of managing an MT4 demo account hosted on a VPS and traded by profitable EA's. The stats would be uploaded to and the account number and investor password shared for free so that members can copy the account. Perhaps a very small nominal fee would be necessary to cover the VPS and perhaps purchase of new EA's.
    The demo account would need to be non-expiring (available through most brokers upon request) and the investor password could be changed regularly to ensure subscribers continue to support the project.
    There may be some rules that need to be established such as no scalpers (impossible to copy) and no Martingale EA's . I suppose Martingale EA's deemed suitable for trading could run on a separate account and those that wanted to copy could.
    Obviously there would be quite a few hurdles to get over to get something like this off the ground, but not impossible. Rather than me rant on about them all I would like to see if there is support for this idea from both member and moderators.

    Cheers, Pye.
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