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    Trading during less volatility

    Hello friends,

    It may be a silly question however, I would like to put it forward. It's late at night here. And the time is approx 3/4 hours prior to the Tokyo open. I trade off the 1H (and the 4H) charts and categorize myself in day trader category. So, what my question is:

    Is it okay to trade during the less volatile hours? My 1H charts has given off signals. But right now today (Feb 03, 2010), I see the volatility in GBPUSD and EURUSD has dried up (time is approx 3 hrs prior to Tokyo open). Moreover, today I observed that there was less activity in the market. Do I act on them or just skip to the next?


    -- 03 Feb 2010, 11:22 --

    Am I hallucinating?? The market is still low in volatility! Could anyone please give me some idea is there any sort of big event happening?

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    Re: Trading during less volatility

    If you are looking for high volality don't trade Asian session, period. However you could always find some action in aud crosses, as well as jpy during big news releases eur/chf and eur/usd moved big during asian session today for example. Hope this helps.

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    This is good time for scalping I guesss, at least I know many people doing this during Asian session

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