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    Sidereal & western astrology software

    * General Astrology
    o Planets and Subplanets
    o House Systems
    o Ephemeris
    * Vedic Astrology
    o Dasas
    o Upagrahas and Kala Velas
    o Krishnamurti Paddhati
    o Jaimini Astrology
    * Western Astrology
    o Planets and Subplanets
    o Midpoints
    o Midpoint Transits
    o Partner Charts
    * Views
    o Planetary View
    o Vedic Chart
    o Text View
    o Dasa (Tree)
    o Dasa (Graphical)
    o Sarvatobhadra
    o Solar/Tajaka
    o Western Chart
    o Midpoint Analysis
    o Midpoint Transits
    o Partner View
    o Ephemeris
    o Eclipses
    o Hora View
    * Configuration
    o General
    o Default Location
    o Printout
    o Ephemeris
    o Animation
    o View
    o Colors and Fonts
    o Multiple Views
    o Vedic Astrology
    o Vedic Chart
    o Vedic Calculation
    o Vargas and Dasas
    o Western Astrology
    o Western Chart
    o Western Calculation
    o Midpoint


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