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    PE Explorer v1.99 (DLL and EXE editor)

    PE Exlorer v1.99

    Working with 32-bit PE files such as .EXE, .DLL, Device Drivers (.SYS, .ACM), ActiveX Controls (.OCX), Borland Libraries (.DPL and .BPL), XP Visual Styles (.MSSTYLES), Control Panel Extensions (.CPL), Screen Savers (.SCR) and any other win32 executables.
    Open broken or packed files in Safe mode.
    Verify a PE file's integrity.
    Support for custom plug-ins to perform any startup processing.

    PE Explorer makes it easy to analyze PE file structure, modify exe properties, fix compilation bugs, repair damaged resources or modify the internal arrangements of PE files. With PE Explorer file headers, data directories, section headers and export tables are ready and waiting for your command.

    Use it for serious development projects, for restoring lost information, for keeping damaged files intact, to reverse engineer projects with missing source code, or to view the imports/exports of the standard DLL's.

    cracked and ready for use....

    A good disassembly tool


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    Re: PE Explorer v1.99 (DLL and EXE editor)

    your link i so hard to find working link for it...but no worry is working one...

    Heaven Tools Pe Explorer 1.99 R6 + new Patch + keygen

    These instructions are for the R6 release.
    1. run the keygen
    2. type in your name
    3. click on the button with ... and select c:\program files\heaventools\pe explorer folder >must do this before clicking generate, license file would be in the wrong folder.
    4. click generate >license file and serial will be generated
    5. run pe explorer.exe
    6. menu, press HELP pull down menu, enter registration code, type in your name and the serial from the keygen.
    7. run the patch, and click patch.


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    Re: PE Explorer v1.99 (DLL and EXE editor)

    deadsoul, can you share again PE Explorer v1.99


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