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    Quote Originally Posted by akashmohan View Post
    Hey You Still Need This. Shoot Me A DM. i'll share some links @insaneike
    Thanks mate.

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    incase someone is looking for NF/BNF index and option data, this guy shares it on his blog.

    change 0 to o in blogspot.

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    Hello, I am looking to get started with Amibroker Historical Data and Realtime data for NSE trading. I am looking to trade in NSE cash and FNO. How should I go about setting up my data/past data? What are the best sources? Also if I want to backtest some strategies - what resolution of data should I be able to get my hands on?

    Say I want to backtest something which has a 5 min candle resolution - where should I source my data from to run these tests on?

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