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    Instructions: How To Unpack a Split Archive

    How To Unpack a Split Archive (.rar file)

    Split archives are large .rar files that are divided into two or more parts. The file extensions will be named "File".part1.rar, .part2.rar, .part3.rar, etc.

    All parts of a split .rar archive must be placed in the same folder in order to extract the files from it. For example, to unpack a 3 part split archive named "Trader 1".rar, you must place the "Trader 1.part1.rar," "Trader 1.part2.rar," and "Trader 1.part3.rar" archives in the same folder.

    To open the entire archive, right-click on the the Trader1.part1.rar file and choose "Extract Here." This will extract all files from the "Trader 1" archive into the folder in which you've placed it.
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