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    [ASK] EURUSD Fundamental

    Ada yang tahu kenapa EUR USD bisa naik cepat sekali? Kayaknya news2 nya belum keluar 'kan?

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    [ASK] GBP USD Fundamental

    Sori maksudku GBP/USD

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    Re: [ASK] EURUSD Fundamental

    gbp, gbp....


    Aku termasuk salah satu yg melihat detik2 "keanehan" pasar hari ini.

    Well dari yg aku tahu:
    - secara fundamental gbp itu weak.
    - secara teknikal saat jam itu, stochastic sudah overbought.
    - angka 2.0000 adalah angka psychologis yg cukup kuat.
    - harga minyak walaupun tinggi, tapi tidak menunjukkan keanehan saat jam itu.
    - harga emas juga tidak begitu aneh.

    jadi menurut aku:
    - Ini hasil kerja spekulan.


    Karena pergerakan harganya agak aneh.
    - sempat nyentuh 2.0000 trus setelah 1 detik langsung turun ke 1.9990an
    - 5 detik berikutnya ke 1.9980an
    - skitar 1 ato 2 menit diam di 1.9980an
    - naik lagi ke 2.0000 setelah 1 detik langsung turun ke 1.9995an
    - 2 detik kemudian ke 2.0010an
    - sekitar 2 menit diam di 2.0010an
    - trus langsung loncat ke 2.0050an, lalu di area situ skitar 1 menit.
    - lalu ke 2.0077an. diam beberapa menit.
    - lalu ke 2.0050an
    - lalu skitar stgh menit ke 2.0100an
    - lalu skitar stgh menit ke 2.0150an

    Yah, kira2 begitu. harganya gila ditarik naik turun antara level 2.0070 - 2.0100an bbrp jam setelahnya.

    Nah kayaknya seh, spekulan ngambilin stop loss orang.

    Semua orang kan pasang posisi sell, stop loss (buy liquid) di atas 2.0000 an jadi begitu kena stop loss yah harganya otomatis loncat tak kira2.

    Kayaknya seh begitu. Aku ga begitu ngerti juga seh. Itu perkiraan aku.
    Paling2 besok di cnbc / news2 rame

    Ada yg bisa kasih komentar lain?


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    Re: [ASK] EURUSD Fundamental

    I've found this :

    Have You Profit From Euro Surge?

    Few months ago, we sent out a snippet saying Euro could be the most powerful currency after the financial crisis is over! This can be measured by comparing the current benchmark rates of various major currencies vs. the stability in growth.

    Looking at this last quarter of the year, we could see USD/JPY continues to decline and GBP/USD has met much selling pressures due to its domestic housing slump and contraction as one major weakness. No doubt dollar has risen against many Asian currencies, they are hedging against the declines of European currencies due to a spill-over in yen unwinding trades from the global crisis!

    Once EUR/USD starts to rally again in Jan 2009, greenback will begin to slide in Asia and further impact will probably be seen in next 3 years when supply in crude oil and commodities are constrained once again! In that case, Gold will definitely fly higher and euro will remain as one of the most powerful, or if not, will become the most wanted currency of its petro-euro status plus growing yield compared to other major currencies!

    In our opinion, we maintain the view of longing euro after middle of 2009 when we believe the last correction would have been done by then! In fact, the recent rally over end 2008 to above 1.3200 is an evident of a new bull sign in the market!

    If we forecast correctly, the market will reach above 1.4000 before end February. When that happens, it will further confirm our prediction and a new-found opportunity to invest in euro for the next 5 years!

    Have you profit from the recent corrective bull run in euro? we hope you have because this is the fastest rally among all other currencies. NO other currency will benefit you more rapidly if you have not participated in this recent up-run.

    In the next 2 years, keep a lookout to establish your investment portfolio in euro and Chinese yuan. You will probably not regret it after few years down the road!
    What do you thing ? Please let me know. Thanks before. :peace:

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    Re: [ASK] EURUSD Fundamental

    Apakah Member Indo-Investasi ada yang memiliki link denga "Spy" yang mengetahui kapan Spekulan akan beraksi?
    Member yang mengetahui List Spekulan Forex dishare aja ya? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Mana Mungkin
    Saya juga bermimpi akan muncul "Spekulan Forex" dari Indonesia khususnya Member Indo-Investasi :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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